California K-12 Sexual Prevision Act: Coming Soon To Your Very Own Neighborhood Schools

I knew it wouldn’t last – my sabbatical that is.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial bill into law Monday afternoon allowing the state’s transgender public school students to choose which bathrooms they use and whether they participate in boy or girl sports.

How have the parents of California allowed this very evil and perverted law to pass? Why aren’t they up in arms and descending on the hallowed governmental halls in Sacramento? And why isn’t this parental assault on Sacramento an armed assault?

This law is EVIL and PERVERTED and INSANE and threatens every K-12 school girl in California with sexual abuse and worse. And it won’t end there in California, and it won’t end in the public schools. Unless stopped, then similar laws will be passed to spread this evil through other aspects of civil society, and to other states (it’s on it’s way to my neighboring state of Massachusetts)  and with the blessing and sanction of our progressive leaders, by that time Hillary Clinton.

What are you California parents of K-12 girls going to do to prevent the abuse that is sure to come in the girls restrooms and lockers? Are you going to school every day and escort your daughters to the bathroom?  Will the schools be hiring full-time restroom guards to watch for the assaults to come, and how can you trust them if you can’t trust an adult football coach in the locker-room at Penn State? Are you single and working moms going to give up your jobs to protect your children? Are you California parents naïve enough to believe that boys won’t be boys in the girls restroom and locker-room?

So I say to you California parents and grandparents (we raised our children there.)  Get in your cars, buses, trains, planes and whatever it takes and descend like never before on your government. They are a direct – clear and present danger to your children and to the future of the once great state of California.

Pastors, priests, rabbis. To you I say … rally and organize your congregations, this is no time nor place for the timid – lead the way.

Don Johnson – August 2013


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