Uplifting and encouraging news

My friend, Professor Jerry Coyne from the University of Chicago is depressed that a very good book on the origin of life (I’ve read it)  is at the top of Amazon’s best-sellers in organic evolution.

This man (Coyne) is a tenured biology professor, but as far as I can tell he is really a professional atheist. I’m happy he is depressed over this news from Amazon, although I know it’s not good form to wish ill health on anyone … but …


The man’s disrespect and “scientific” arrogance, and ignorance of history seem to know no bounds, and his insults towards you people of faith is constant. His wish, and purpose in life seems not to study and teach biology, but to destroy religion of all sorts (read: Christianity & Judaism) and replace it with some sort of benign Atheistic Utopia. If you don’t believe me, scan through his blog and especially the comments. If you are a person of faith, and believe a Creator, someone described in Genesis as the One who  “…  created the heavens and the earth,” you will find yourself described (among other things)

“quibbling with the educated”, “don’t EVER quote … It just makes your ignorance clear”, “grow up”, “ridiculous rhetoric.”,”believing in an imaginary friend”, “Ridiculous ideas deserve ridicule”, “your statements are so ridiculous they deserve ridicule”, “utterly ridiculous”, “I’m assuming your[sic] just a little educated”, “to get more money out of your wallet “, “your comment again deserves complete ridicule”, “I hire and fire code monkeys “, “you are lacking education … you are ignorant”, “These are evil, immoral and dishonest men”, “then you too are an evil, immoral and dishonest man. Period”, and more.

Or … How about this from a commenter at the Texas Freedom Network  web site concerning a dispute over an event at the Houston Museum of Natural History.

“I would like to cut off the heads of these fanatics and spit in it.. no pity for such ignorant scum who are destroying the earth in the name of a fairy tale god.. pathetic in the age of science this type of person is allowed to breath. This may sound harsh but these people are nothing but a destructive force against nature and humanity. I personally believe anyone who take their child to a church should loose custody and be imprisoned for child abuse.”
[I’ve seen similar sentiments from  Coyne about child abuse.]

You can get the context here at “I would like to cut off the heads of these fanatics and spit in it.” | Uncommon Descent

Coyne’s problem with religion is that he believes it to be the source of all problems we face in the world, and is actively trying to remove religion by promoting his brand of scientific atheism. He is not alone in this endeavor and has influential allies in many if not most of the universities of the world. People like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens (deceased) and others.  Teachers of our future generations.

However, as much as these folks like to blame religion, and in particular, Christianity as the source of the worlds historical woes, wars and atrocities, they ignore their own sordid track record as pointed out in this video:

Atheists Dodge Their History of Atrocities

I would urge you to purchase Darwin’s Doubt by Dr. Stephen Meyer, and keep it at the top of the best seller lists as a counterfoil to the Atheists products. It may not be you cup of tea as far as reading material, but you can always give it away.

Don Johnson – August 2013


2 responses to “Uplifting and encouraging news

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    I knew you could not stay quite for long. Jeremiah tried and it did not work for him either.

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