My Sabbatical

Over the past 4+ years I have written close to 300 articles on this blog, and have had readers, or at least visitors, from all 50 states, all populated continents, and about 80 nations, including Pakistan and the Russian Federation. 

I’ve written about things that should never be discussed in polite company; politics and religion.

I’ve written my life story.

I’ve written a short story “The Old Man in Apartment 620

But I’m tired … it’s so much easier when you don’t know anything, and so often these days I find myself in a mood where I just don’t want to confront the latest cultural or political outrage; the latest scandal and corruption coming from our leaders.

I’m tired … so I’ve decided to devote some time and energy in consolidating my thoughts and my articles on faith … my faith, into a book. A book where all my experiences and thoughts related to faith can be discovered in one place.

Strange, but years and years ago I saw the musical Jesus Christ Superstar in New York. This was years before I became a follower of that superstar. The music was incredible, but the one that comes to mind now is “Let the World Turn Without You Tonight.”

So … wish me well as I try to let the world turn without me tonight. On occasion you will still see articles and essays from me, but know that I am trying to focus my attention on my new project. 

Don Johnson – August 2013


7 responses to “My Sabbatical

  1. Don, I will miss your interesting emails but I am excited about you writing a book. I will be very interested in how that goes for you. I have been wanting to write a book myself for years, who knows maybe you will inspire me to start one of my own. Danielle

  2. I’m sorry to see you go. I think you should continue to tackle
    daily political comments that come out of DC. Somebody in addition to Fox needs to and you have been the man!

  3. I think you should continue commenting ont the wierd “news” out of DC. We need someone in addition to Fox and you are the man!!!

  4. Don, I can understand your thoughts. There are days I just don’t want to know what is going on in the world. God is leading you in a new direction!! Good for you!!! May you be blessed beyond measure in your new path.

  5. Don,
    I too have enjoyed your efforts here and am astonished that you were right here in Ridgecrest all those years and did not utter a sentence that would indicate such talent!!! I am impressed! China

    Lake didn’t know what they had in Don Jonhnson…! I’m looking for a speaker …..coming to California anytime soon? You remember, “Men’s Breakfast”? Runnning 50’s – 60;s!! For you it
    would be “standing room only”!! I too will be interested in your


    • Thanks for your kind words Larry. We’re trying to fit SoCal & RC into our travel plans and will let you know if and when. When do you have the breakfast, what weekend of the month?


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