Rush Limbaugh, Jay Leno and Barack Obama

I’ve long thought that Rush Limbaugh has his finger on the pulse of American Politics and Culture more so than almost anyone I know, and I follow many. I’m open to other candidates, so send them along.

The recent NSA/Edward Snowden scandal and it’s handling by Barack Obama and the media are prime examples of my high opinion and respect for Rush:

The Presidency and the Country were Diminished by Obama’s Leno Appearance – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Washington Journalists Lower Their Standards to Accommodate Obama – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Remember when you listen to or read the show transcripts, that Rush is talking to real American citizens, not a whole lot different than you or me; he’s not speaking to power brokers or influence peddlers.


Don Johnson – August 2013


3 responses to “Rush Limbaugh, Jay Leno and Barack Obama

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    I would not say Obama is the anti-christ but if you want to know how he will act using the media and be part of a Hollywood style of politics he is a pace setter.

  2. Hi Don: Have you seen this video in which Dr. Ben Carson shared his view of Rush Limbaugh?

  3. Thanks Scott. Yes, I’ve read Carson’s comments about Rush; hadn’t actually heard it spoken before, because I usually just read the transcripts.
    Carson & Limbaugh are exactly right on this point of listening to the merit of what is said rather than rejecting based on a demonized view of the person (Rush) speaking.

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