Intelligent Design & Creation: The Evidence

Those of you who read this blog know that I often write on this subject, and also know I come down on the side of Intelligent Design (ID) and Creation as opposed to Materialistic Neo-Darwinism.

A common critique of my position is stated as “Where is the evidence for ID or creation?”

The evidence is as close to you as your own head, so let me present the evidence from the top down, the top being the human head.

The human head is an amazing collection of instrumentation, computing power and inventive genius that far surpasses any collection of machines brought about by those same heads.

Let’s begin.

The array of instruments contained in the head gather in an enormous and varied amount of data allowing for a very active life for the typical human being:

  • Stereoscopic ears gathering in a wide range of sounds including music of all sorts, conversational speech allowing intimate communication and a gathering of knowledge and inspiration from friends and strangers alike, warnings of danger and much more.
  • Those same stereoscopic ears play a key role in allowing us to know our place in the three dimensional space we all live in. This is called balance. I know and greatly appreciate this sense of balance because in past years I have suffered from Ménière’s disease, a debilitating disease characterized by extreme vertigo and nausea. The inner ear and it’s gyroscopic characteristics provide this very necessary sense of place and when it gets out of whack all you can do is lie flat on your back and hope it goes away soon. The signals from the inner ear containing balance information are multiplexed along with sound onto nerves that transmit all of this data to the brain which makes final sense of it all.
  • The eyes are a marvel of design that has been likened to having 12 movies cameras in our eyes. These cameras capture not only color and shapes, but motion of all sorts. The eyes are a major source of data which avails to us the limitless literature, art and science of the world we live in. Education, for the most part, enters our being through our eyes. The eyes are also a major contributor to what I call the “sixth sense”; that of aesthetics . . . that sense of appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the world around us.
    • The beautiful panorama of a distant mountain range.
    • The peaceful beauty of an ambling, bubbling stream in a meadow of flowers.
    • The majesty of a moonless sky.
    • The sensuous beauty of a loved one.
  • The nose, though of lesser notice than sight and sound, provides us with the pleasures of the smell of a good meal, the scent of an infant child, the romance of a splash of perfume placed just right, spring time flowers and more. The nose also provides warnings of things we might not want to eat.
  • Then there’s taste. The taste of a well-cooked meal, the supple texture and taste of a bucket of mussels or clams. Coupled with smell, taste is the source of much pleasure in the life of the typical human being.

Now we move down the body to see how this instrumentation and the resultant data are translated into meaningful actions and tangible artifacts.

These instruments (remember, I’m talking about these things as being designed) transmit their received data to the brain through a sophisticated system of nerves. At the brain, this vast, complex and ever changing array of data is synthesized into a coherent audio/visual/mental picture of our surroundings. Indeed, the brain gathers and stores this data, and allows us to transfer this data in modified form to those around us in the form of literature, art, conversation, music, musings and all manner of creativity, including science and engineering.

The hands at the end of our arms cradle quill and ink, pen and ink, keyboard, hammer and chisel, saw and lathe … to craft the great literature, music and architecture of civilization. The mind commands the hands to paint the great art we see and enjoy in museums around the world; same with the great sculptures that capture our gaze.

We marvel at the great cathedrals and monuments to great and memorable people. We live in comfortable homes designed by the creative minds and hands of architects, and built by the hands of great craftsmen, plumbers and electricians.

We travel around the world on the great railroads and airlines, designed and built by the minds and hands of designers and engineers and built by hundreds of skilled hands.

Now to complete the picture we travel to the legs and feet, and to the world of sport.

We marvel at the skill of baseball players as they complete the intricate double play. The dribbling, ball handling and shooting skills of a Michael Jordan captivate a cheering audience. Thousands marvel and cheer at race tracks around the world as skilled drivers navigate complex race courses. The athletic skill and training of airshow pilots attract multitudes.

All of these human talents and skills come from an intelligently designed body and mind focused on the achievement of perfection.

At the scientific and investigative end of this spectrum we find scientists pondering over the marvelous world of DNA, a world that shouts loudly; information … design … intelligence. A world where living cells are programmed to become … bone, skin, brain, muscle … and at the exactly appropriate time for development of a fully functional human being.

And we see those scientists discover and explore the extreme finely tuned universe and earth which are required for life to exist at all.

So you see, the evidence is there for you to see, hear, smell, taste, touch . . . and enjoy; only a touch away with a finger to the cheek.

Richard Dawkins says “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.”

I say “If it looks like a (designed) duck, walks like a (designed) duck and quacks like a (designed) duck. There is a very good chance it is a designed duck.”

Don Johnson – July 2013


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