The Gender Identity Agenda . . . A Chilling Future

When I first read about similar legislation in my neighboring state of Massachusetts (I live in Connecticut), I stuck my head in the sand and tried to ignore it . . .  it was that unbelievable. But then I read this about my old home state of California: California Government Grows With The Gender Identity Agenda

It’s frequently referred to as the “California Transgender Bathroom Rights Bill,” and assuming that Governor Jerry Brown signs it in to law, it will require public K-12 schools throughout the state to let students choose which restrooms they use and which school teams they join based on their gender identity, rather than relying on their physiological gender. Reaching far beyond the matter of which restroom a student uses at school, the bill quite intentionally would require schools to allow students “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities” based on their self-perception, and to ignore the gender that is designated on a student’s birth certificate.

*  *  *

But what about retro-fitting school facilities to accommodate the new law? Certainly the “boys” and “girls” signs that appear on restrooms and locker rooms will need to be removed. And why should any student who feels like they have a “female identity” have to look at a standup urinal every time they walk in to their restroom of choice? The “civil rights” law will no doubt create lots of “work” for facilities construction and maintenance personnel at school districts, all at taxpayer expense.

*  *  *

All of these various adjustments to be made in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity” add up to the same thing – an expanded “need” for government workers, an expanded government bureaucracy, and more consumption of private people’s money.  . . .

So now we have the homosexual agenda invading the schools, K-12, at the invitation of government.

Friends, we have the President of the United States pressing this agenda, we have the military pressing this agenda, we have the Main Stream Media pressing this agenda, we have some of the main-line churches pressing this agenda and now we have the schools pressing this agenda.

I’ve written before about this here …  Same Sex Marriage … WOW What Just Happened? and here … Homosexual Marriage: Liberty or License? and I can’t believe any of this is a good thing and will only bring widespread grief and problems to this nation.

As I have written previously, what is happening is a large scale perversion of the “Natural Order” of things, all under the guise of equality; folks wanting license to do whatever pleases them no matter the consequences. 

Don Johnson  — July 2013


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