Massive Cyber Attack Hits U.S.

According to various named sources, the United States has been hit by massive and wide-ranging cyber attacks, with the following major incidents reported to date and more expected to follow:

  • The Justice Department secretly investigates the Associated Press.
  • Justice Department’s surveillance of Fox News reporter, James Rosen and his parents.
  • NSA seizes phone records of millions of telecom customers. 
  • NSA accessing data on Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other major internet sites. Most Americans are affected by this cyber attack.
  • Activities and membership records of various nefarious conservative groups such as the Tea Party and Pro Life groups have been “voluntarily” turned over to the IRS, a legitimate function of the IRS, but have been erroneously entered into a variety of government computer databases.  The DOJ is investigating this, but because of a shortage of agents investigating seemingly minor issues with  the “Fast and Furious” operation, will defer the IRS investigation until December 2014 or December 2016.

Independent sources, some from outside the US, have alerted Americans of this attack, but thus far the US Main Stream Media (MSN) has been ineffective in detecting and reporting on these attacks.

The source of these mysterious attacks has been localized to the Washington DC area, but sources also report a sophisticated mobile Cyber Attack scheme that seems to emanate from Boeing 747 jets flying in and out of nearby Andrews AFB two to three times per week.

The White House and other federal agencies express outrage over these Cyber Attacks, but have also said they are hampered because they learn of these attacks only through the news media at the same time as most Americans learn of the attacks. An interim plan to  deal with these attacks been leaked, reportedly containing  plans to fire all GS- 2 and lower Civil Service employees which are believed to be the source of the attacks.

A source close to the White House said the Government will be able to get a better handle on these attacks after all American citizens data and communications records is completely downloaded to government computers for analysis of wrong doing on the part of terrorist groups such as millionaires and billionaires as well as Republicans, Catholics, the Tea Party and the NRA.

In the mean time, the President, fresh from his data sharing discussions with the Chinese president,  assures the American people he is in control of the situation.  He also reports good progress in his personal efforts to go line-by-line through the budget looking for waste although this effort has slowed in recent months however, by the presence of an actual budget.

Disclaimer:  I did not write this!! I found out about it the same as you did, when I read it.



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