Is religion (or being a Republican) a mental illness?

I’ve been following this guy Jerry Coyne, a biology professor at the University of Chicago, for quite some time now. Coyne is a very active and evangelical atheist and many of his posts have to do with atheism rather than biology.

And, if you’ve been following the web of scandals entangling all of us via our federal government, you are aware of the IRS targeting Republican and Conservative causes, and the Justice Department targeting FoxNews. Well guess what … science in the person of Professor Coyne is also getting into the same act; as indicated by one of his recent posts Is religion a mental illness? Read the full article and see if maybe I’m right on this; excerpts as follows (emphasis mine):

And yes, religion might be a “brain disorder,” in the sense that it resides in the configuration of your neurons, but so is being a Republican.  But I doubt that it’s anything like a genetically-based neurological disease. It’s based largely on wish-thinking and the credulity of children: two things endemic in almost everyone. Yes, religious belief [is] delusional, but so is being a Republican. And yes, we know that in some cases religious belief can be cured—many of us were once believers. But that cure may well involve getting rid of childhood indoctrination, as well as exposure to the arguments of atheists.

And being a professional educator, albeit in a private institution, professor Coyne exposes the targeting of Republicans and Conservatives not only in science, but the educational establishment as well, but then what else is new?

I (continue to ) feel picked on.

Don Johnson – June 2013


2 responses to “Is religion (or being a Republican) a mental illness?

  1. Well if it is, I must be a complete nut case: however, those who like this individual who fell compelled to slander, liabial and defaime the charater of everyone who does not agree with his point of view, is the real individual who has a mental illness. Sad for him.

  2. Thanks Ronnie. Good to know another complete nut case.

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