Young Talent

Lets take a detour from the usual politics and religion of this site to something that hopefully has a good kind of resonance for all; the resonance of music.

Over the decades of our lives, Diana and I have had the distinct pleasure of rubbing vocal chords with some extraordinary young talent. Some we have known personally, others on a more casual basis and others only from the distance of modern technology.

I’ve put together a sampling, hoping you will enjoy.

Tomislav Bakmaz is a young man who lived with us for 2+ years when we lived in the Mojave Desert town of Ridgecrest CA in the 1990s.  Tom was quite a good basketball player at the local junior college, and went on to play professionally for a time in Europe. Little did we know of Tom’s musical talents, and even though you may not understand the lyrics, I’m sure you can appreciate the  talent shown in Klapa GODIMENTI and this one featuring Tomislav Bakmaz.

Diana and I have sung in various choirs since the early 1980s, and have met and become friends with many. While attending College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego, we were blessed to be able to sing in a large choir along with a high quality orchestra conducted by Maestro Rob Gowing. From my spot in the bass section on the left side of the top row of the choir I looked across the choir and down on the orchestra below, and what a treat that was. A large part of the quality of that orchestra was the string section made up in large part of  one family, the Bunnells; four girls initially and all teen agers. I remember when young Ross, an eleven year old boy joined the orchestra as a full fledged member, and he just added to the quality. You can learn about this extraordinary group of young talent at their web site  Bunnell Strings, and I hope you do; both on a talent level as well as their personal stories.

Since moving east to New Haven Connecticut in 2009 we have come across another talented family, The Taubl Family at Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Woodbridge Connecticut. We haven’t had the blessing of directly participating with them as we did with the Bunnels, but have listened and enjoyed the whole family on occasion, and on a weekly basis the two youngest twin boys who are still at home. The Taubl family were semi-finalists in America’s Got Talent 2008. Check them out.

Don’t know these Three kids from Italy, but received this link from a friend and thought them worthy of inclusion.  

Now here is a story and a talent of a different sort that I must include. Young Aimee Copeland is the young lady who fought valiantly this past year against a deadly form of flesh eating bacteria. Her vibrancy and life-loving attitude resonates like music to my soul.


Don Johnson – May 2013


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