The IRS and the Tea Party

With the recent revelation that the IRS is targeting conservative groups such as the Tea Party and Glenn Beck, I feel compelled to resurrect my own writings on the subject, and include links to my essays below.

We see that the attacks on the Tea Party have elevated from political and campaign rhetoric as I have pointed out previously, to actual Federal Government  activity on the part of the Internal Revenue Service.

There have been admissions and apologies given, but you have to ask the questions … why was this targeting done in the first place, and why was it done during the 2012 political campaign season, and why was it acknowledged only after the election was concluded with the victory of Barack Obama? (Hint: yet another tool to steer the election.)

The IRS is one of many governmental agencies available to those in power, and perhaps the most effective in keeping dissenters under control  short of violence. Can other agency abuses be far behind; such as the department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department … and even the Defense Department?

To the best of my knowledge, Tea Party groups and Glenn Beck have never been involved in any illegal or terrorist activities, and I know of no arrests for any such activities … only hateful rhetoric aimed at concerned American citizens.

So the table was set at the highest levels, both in the government and the main stream media, to demonize these conservative Americans, with tacit permission given to target them using actual IRS weapons and providing deniability to those responsible at the top .

As tired and emotionally fatigued as I am of all of this nonsense, I still feel compelled to speak out

You can read my previous essays here:

Tea Party Terrorists

I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited

I am a Tea Party Patriot

The Urgent Need for Tea Parties

And some information on recent activities of the IRS:

IRS watchdog: Senior official knew in 2011 that Tea Party groups were targeted

Senator: IRS targeting of tea party is ‘chilling’

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

SHOCK: IRS admits & apologizes for unfairly targeting conservative group

Glenn Beck’s Withering Response to the IRS Admitting It Targeted the 9/12 Project, Conservative Groups

Don Johnson – May 2013


3 responses to “The IRS and the Tea Party

  1. And this just in …
    IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

    Read more:

  2. The IRS is doing its job. The IRS should be investigating all of these groups equally. And, they are. If they are doing nothing illegal, then they have nothing to worry.

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