Maybe We Should Pay More Attention To The Bible … Part 5: Can we trust the Bible as truth?

I’ve rekindled an interest in the great creation/evolution debate and have written and shared with you a fair amount on the reasons for my belief in  the God of the Bible and its creation narrative:

Yea … And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass | A Yearning for Publius

But it’s time to move on and explore other compelling reasons to believe, and I will begin that exploration here and in future essays.



The autograph of God.

If I’ve learned anything during my recent journey into the controversy of creation vs. evolution, it is that no one has scientifically discovered God; no experiments in the lab have produced tangible, physical evidence of God, and no-one has captured him and put him on exhibit in any of the many museums around the world. This is not surprising given that God, as creator, exists beyond space and time, and we should not expect that he himself will somehow be a tangible, physical part of the creation any more that we should expect to find Henry Ford sitting, alive and well, in the back seat of a Ford somewhere in the world.  

So we have this puzzle before us; an incredibly large and complex universe held together, and described, by laws and constants whose origins themselves are a mystery. And we have the mystery of life on our own planet; how did it begin, and what caused the densely packed information system called DNA that orders the diversity of plants and animals, and which cells become fingers and which become brains.

And, at the top of this tree of life we have beings that are capable of wondering how this all came about, and beings that will, and have, come up with all manner of explanations, most of which postulate a creator of some sort.

So we wind up with a world having a myriad of explanations; legends, myths, holy scriptures and gods of all sorts; all vying to to be the “truth.”

If we as individuals, can’t find God himself sitting in our own living room or in our own jungle mud hut, or next to us as we are crashing to the earth in an airplane out of control, how do we find him?

Well, at the fundamental front line of finding God is simple child-like faith; you just know that he is there and you need pursue him no further … He just is, and He has created you and knows you.

But that kind of faith is a tad bit rare, and being the inquisitive beings most of us are, we need a bit more, and that’s where the autograph of God comes in to play.

Of all the holy scriptures and belief systems in the world, how do we sort out which, if any, are the truth?

I came to realize many years ago that any book or collections of writings claiming to be from God must have a distinctive and convincing set of proofs. A set of proofs that would convince average Joe Sixpack that this book is not just another thriller from Tom Clancy or a classic from John Steinbeck. No, this book must contain information that could only come from someone with a point of view encompassing all of time and space. A point of view that sees all of time; its beginning, its past, its present and its future. And, the telling of this point of view must be entirely accurate. In the words of the Bible itself:

Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure.’  Isaiah 46:10

And how does this author back up this astounding claim?

  • Predictive prophesy, in which events are described in detail long before the events take place.
  • Predictive prophesy … of individuals … of nations … of events … of the flow of history.

So this is the introduction to a series of essays in which I will try to bring to your attention The autograph of God, and thus why you perhaps should pay more attention to the Bible.

The first such essay will deal with the nation Israel and the history of the Jewish people, past … present  … and future.

Don Johnson — April 2013



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