Where Do I Fit In Todays Rampant Politically Correct Society?

At a recent Christian men’s conference I ran across the following:

15 Principles of Manhood

  • Principle 1   Males are born while men are forged.
  • Principle 2   A man is responsible for all of his choices.
  • Principle 3   The only constant in a man’s world is change.
  • Principle 4    Every man is of infinite worth.
  • Principle 5   A man has the courage to do what is necessary.
  • Principle 6   A man is dedicated to continuous learning.
  • Principle 7   Manhood demands a courageous self-honesty.
  • Principle 8   A man shapes his world.
  • Principle 9   A man predicts his future by creating it.
  • Principle 10  A man accepts that to live is to be challenged.
  • Principle 11  A man never stands alone unless he is making a stand.
  • Principle 12  A man knows when to humbly face his errors.
  • Principle 13  A man keeps on trying until he gets it right.
  • Principle 14  A man lives by a set of standards & principles.
  • Principle 15  A man submits to an authority beyond himself.

And a “Code of Honor”

  • To the women who have longed for a world filled with knights, may they not be disappointed. May all women feel safe, respected and loved by the men around them.
  • To our daughters, may they recognize the difference between a male and a man, and may they find the later.
  • To our sons, may they see our knighthood, go on their own personal quest and take the journey of manhood further than we have before them.
  • To the men who brought honor before us, we join you. To the males who brought disappointment, we offer healing.
  • To the world in which we find ourselves, may you discover renewed hope, the courage to change and the difference true manhood brings.

All around us we face constant pressure to compromise …  to give in … to give up.

I find that these principles and the Code listed above give much needed strength, and ask you to reflect on them as the world around you changes and tries to mold you into something far less than you can be.

Don Johnson – March 2013












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