Obama … Gun Control & the 2014/16 Elections

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste …”

That’s the governing mantra in the Obama Post-Republic America.

In watching the evolving gun control “crisis”, one thing that fascinates me is the seemingly huge up-spike in NRA memberships along with gun and ammo purchases (I myself have recently joined NRA). It fascinates me because I see in it a type of wallet voting among a large group of Americans.

Here’s the view I believe is held by a large number of Americans, myself included; a view of grave concern for the future of the republic:

We see in Barack Hussein Obama:

  • A strong vein of narcissism
  • A strong vein of megalomania
  • An extreme arrogance
  • A strong sense of Imperial entitlement
  • A selfishness that justifies spending 7 million tax payer dollars on a family Christmas vacation to Hawaii
  • A strong disregard for the Constitution of George Washington, James Madison and the states who ratified that constitution in 1789
  • A man who seemingly has no conscience and will lie on any occasion that will further his statist agenda
  • A man who will set up straw man enemies that he will then attack in order to shore up his Democratic and low information voting base
  • A man who consistently ignores the great problems facing America, all the while blaming others for those problems
  • A man whose formative years were spent under the influence of Communists
  • A man who is an Academy Award caliber actor, a consummate charlatan who promises utopia to any and all
  • A man who gets away with all of the above with amazing grace and charm

The latest example of this mantra is the gun debate. Barack is setting up the NRA, the Republican congress (read Tea Party), Conservative talk radio and Fox news as the enemy of “common sense” gun control. The fact that in none of these mass killings has the shooter been a member of the NRA is of no consequence in setting up this enemy; nor is the fact that in few if any of the many drug and gang related killings in many of our cities, my own included, are the shooters members of the NRA.

The NRA and its defenders are the latest enemy in a long list of Obama enemies to be trotted out at the next election to motivate and energize his base.

So is this really a gun control issue?

No … the man has little or no interest in those children killed in Newtown, except as useful props to his agenda.

No … It is an early attack in the never ending campaign towards engineering a Democrat victory in 2014 and 2016, plain and simple. It is an attack aimed towards eliminating opposition to the Progressive onslaught of Obama and the Democrats. These latest opposition targets have been identified by Obama recently and include Fox News (again), Rush Limbaugh (always) and Congressional Republicans (read Tea Party here) but will expand as the weeks and months unfold towards 2014.

I wrote shortly after the 2010 elections that everything Obama says or does from that point onward needs to be viewed through the lens of the next election. A lens that will reveal the man as a rock star celebrity and a charismatic cult leader who will continue to mesmerize millions, especially those low information and intentionally uninformed voters he appeals so well to.

I was right in 2010!

And if you pay attention in the coming weeks and months you will see it all unfold yet again; playing us all for suckers once again.

But you can only accurately pay attention if you pay attention to the Obama enemies; Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and others in the Conservative media, a media that will become more and more demonized as the days wear on. Meanwhile the main stream media will more and more metastasize into the Progressive juggernaut and you will see more of them recommend, as a CBS news executive did recently, that Obama “go for the throat of the Republican party.”

If you recall your twentieth century history, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both controlled the press, and only the official line was permitted for dissemination to the public. Well, Fox News is in the position of being, probably, the only major television new outlet that is honestly reporting on perceived and actual misdeeds of our federal government. Has “Operation Fast & Furious” been adequately reported on any other news outlet other than Fox? Or has the Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent cover-up been reported? Maybe you haven’t heard of Fast & Furious; it was a US government gunrunning operation that sent some 2500 military type weapons such as AK-47s into the Mexican drug wars. The Mexican government has reported that several hundred Mexicans have died from these weapons, and at least one American Border Patrol agent was killed with one of them.

Do you want to put yourself in the position of getting your news and information only from a government controlled and filtered outlet?

I don’t, and that’s why I will continue to utilize Fox News and other conservative outlets as my major source of news and commentary.

* * * *

My friends it will not get easier over the next years, it will only get harder. Many have given up and many more want to give up after the 2012 election. I myself give up often throughout the week, (why bother anymore) but then find myself at the keyboard once more. The example of George Washington and the Continental Army struggling through eight long years of grueling battle often inspire me to continue on; they won liberty, can we strive for any less?

Don Johnson – January 2013


One response to “Obama … Gun Control & the 2014/16 Elections

  1. Hi Don,

    The question I keep asking myself is… How do we open the eyes of those mesmerized by Obama? Many of my friends are in this state and become furious at me for criticizing him. Must we wait until he becomes so confident that he commits some crime that is so orneriness that it cannot be overlooked? Will it be too late if we wait until then? Suggestions?

    Your friend,


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