The Old Man in Apartment 620

I have a very special announcement to make today. The Old Man in Apartment 620 is my first venture into book authorship and I would like to share it with you from

For close to four years I have been writing short directed essays on my blog AYearningForPublius and I’m sure many of you have seen my work.

This one is different. It is a fictional story and it is one you will have to pay a nominal price to read; but I hope you will find it a worthwhile read. If you find it to be worthwhile and interesting, I would ask that you share the Amazon link with as many of your friends as possible.

Thank you very much.

Don Johnson

The Old Man in Apartment 620: A Conversation

untitled copy

The apartments fronting Central Park in Manhattan are among the most sought after among the elite and wealthy, and are among the most expensive. The occupants typically keep to themselves and value their privacy in a busy metropolis such as New York City. Many are quite spacious and luxurious and offer a variety of amenities not available to the more modest residences of Brooklyn, Queens and other boroughs of New York. Chief among the sought after amenities are the often breathtaking views overlooking Central Park. A very old man is living in such an apartment, an apartment among the cream of the crop in any age, and now, well into the twenty first century retains its sophistications and comforts. Let’s listen in on this old man as he receives an unexpected visitor.

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One response to “The Old Man in Apartment 620

  1. Oh my goodness, Don, did I know you we’re writing a book? I look forward to reading it.

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