What to Call a Grouping of Senators?

Groupings of animals are called by a variety of names, some are cute and cuddly but  many are not very complementary.

But what do you call a group of Senators? Will it be a Wreck as sea birds are called? An Ambush as in a group of tigers? A Chattering as in Starlings?

We’ll soon get to see when we have a grouping of US Senators roosting at the very top of the food chain of our government. I think I’ll get ahead of the game here and call them a Disaster. Yea that has a certain ring about it; a “Disaster of Senators.”

We’ll have Barack Hussein Obama as President, Joseph Robinette Biden as Vice President, John Forbes Kerry as Secretary of State and Charles Timothy Hagel as Secretary of Defense. These four positions can arguably be defined as the most powerful in the government … but that was in the day before the Czars, and who knows who they are and what they bring to the table of power.

And what are some of the most prominent characteristics of a Disaster of Senators? They so often sit in judgment of others while exempting themselves of like judgment (think Judge Bork here). Many of this Disaster huddle together for years with little exposure to the real world of producing a product or meeting a payroll. Lately this Disaster has acquired a disturbing habit of forgetting one of its functions, that of producing a budget whereby a government may monitor and control its spending; perhaps this is the inevitable result of evolution where useless body parts just atrophy away? Who can figure.

I’ve long thought that we should unofficially and informally prohibit Senators from running for high elected office simply because of the characteristics I’ve just noted. Quite frankly they just don’t seem qualified to lead a nation of producers and independent thinkers.

I think a much better model of governance is the grouping put together by George Walker Bush … ouch, yikes I can feel those daggers and arrows coming my way … but while ducking those barbs let be explain. Ouch!

First, I don’t know what to call the grouping of George Bush, a businessman and Governor; Dick Cheney a Congressman … Chief of Staff … Secretary of Defense … businessman; Don Rumsfeld a a Congressman … Chief of Staff … Secretary of Defense … businessman; Colin Powell a combat veteran … top ranking Army General … Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff … National Security Advisor;Condoleezza Rice a university professor at Stanford, National Security Advisor, board member on a variety of corporate boards of directors, and accomplished musician.

So what to call this grouping? How about “a darn good team doing a darn good job at a critical time in their nations history.” 

Barack Obama would do well by emulating the governing model of a very good American President … George W. Bush.

I wish he would.

Don Johnson – December 2012


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