Harvard Business School to Offer Degrees in Menu Compliance

(AP December 2012) Anticipating a burgeoning new demand for professional help in menu compliance, the Harvard School of Business has announced they will be offering graduate degrees (Masters and PhD’s) in Menu Compliance.

The announcement comes on the heels of the problem Domino’s Pizza has been agonizing over in how to meet guidelines established by the new health care reform bill and its associated regulations. 

Dominos points to the problem of how to comply with the new menu ‘calorie-count’ law when ‘there are 33 million ways to sell a Dominos’ Pizza’. Sources close to the Government are suggesting that this is a business problem and not one that warrants any special consideration in terms of menu waivers or other ‘gimmicks’ that would circumvent this important and vital new law. These same sources offer suggestions such as expanding the size of Domino’s stores in order to make wall space for the increase in the menu size. Domino’s officials are also looking at creative ways for compliance, such as printing the menu on toilet paper rolls which would give virtually unlimited space.

The Harvard degree program is expected to spawn similar programs in other prestigious business schools throughout the nation. The program will offer two tracts; a business tract leading to entry level Vice President of Menu Compliance positions in virtually every  restaurant chain and local diners around the nation. A second tract will address menu compliance  from the governmental perspective and will result in a dual degree combining Menu Compliance with Law Enforcement.

It is expected that these new programs will have a significant impact on the employment picture nationwide.


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