My Book Shelves


I’ve been a reader all my life and have especially enjoyed reading history.  I’ve also tried to cultivate a lifestyle of constant learning and often have been compelled to dig deeper into a topic whether it be a technical work related topic, history or whatever else. I’ve also developed a habit of purusing bookshelves when visiting homes of family and friends.

Well now I finally have my books on prominent display bracketing the entry way between the kitchen  and dining room rather than cloistered away in a back bedroom or closet. This makes it convenient for visitors to puruse my collection.

What I am reminded of when I pass through this small library is a microcosm of my journey through life and my exploration of ideas and a seeking of truth. On the left is predominantly history, biography and politics; on the right is mainly my journey into Christianity. Family photo albums are also on prominent display and there is a section for Fiction and travel books. My personal memoir occupies a full 3/4 inch of space should anyone be interested in who I am. I have another collection  of software development books, but since that is no longer a part of my life they have been banished to boxes in the basement, perhaps to be donated to Yale or some other school in the area.

Over the years when confronted by some sort of shortcoming in my knowledge or even in my life; whether it be historical, political, spiritual, family or professional, I found myself buying yet another book in an attempt to fill the hole.

This library also shows me what I now realize has been somewhat of a three step approach to living;

  • Pay attention to what is going on around me.
  • Attempt to discover the truth about those issues that are important to my life my country and to those who I love.
  • Do something and try to make a positive difference.  

Strange how such an ordinary thing as a bookshelf can elicit such thoughts.

Don Johnson – November 2012




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