Cliff Notes

When thinking about a cliff I am inclined to think of something you fall off of and tumble until bottom is reached and you are either dead or alive.

But it’s as valid to think of slamming into a wall!

The oncoming fiscal/tax cliff will hurt no matter the slamming or the tumbling.

I’ve never careened towards a cliff with every expectation of arriving at that frightful point, but I do have a simple solution.

Hit the breaks while they will do some good.

How is it that we’ve arrived at such a place?

Barak Hussein Obama …  Architect of Destruction.

  • We had greater than eight hundred billion dollar stimulus spending in 2009.
  • The stimulus spending was not just a one time expenditure with spending returning to pre-stimulus levels, but ratcheted spending up to those levels in the years following.
  • We now have more than thirty new czars and associated staff.
  • We have had no formal budget for four years.
  • We have had a four year series of Continuing Resolutions which allows the government to spend without a formal budget; the intent is to bridge short term budget problems,but in this case is a flagrant abuse of power at the Presidential and Senate levels.
  • We have a new entitlement program, ObamaCare, which at current estimates will cost three times more than the original estimate (promise). My cynical view is that it will cost at least five to six times the original estimate.
  • Consequently we have had four years of trillion dollar plus deficits and a national debt approaching seventeen trillion dollars.
  • We have a President  who’s intent is to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

What is the solution?

The first step in the solution is for Barak Hussein Obama to go over a cliff; either by impeachment (a pipe dream I know), or preferably with him actually going over the cliff. Following such a fantasy land dream event we can to the following:

Immediately fire every single non-military federal employee that has been hired since January 20, 2009; every one.

Disband all czars and associated costs created by Obama; every one.

Rescind ObamaCare and replace it with a well thought out market based solution.

Rescind the Dodd-Frank financial reform act and replace it with one that fixes the root cause of the 2008 meltdown … the Community Reinvestment Act which precipitated the mortgage/banking meltdown.

These steps will go far in restoring our republic and its economy to what it was as recently as during the George W. Bush  administration.

  • Can we do it? Yes.
  • Will we do it? Unlikely.
  • Should we do it? Yes!

Don Johnson – November 2012




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