How a bad economy has re-elected Barack Obama

So how did Barak Obama defy history and conservative pundits and get reelected despite presiding over a bad economy for the entirety of his four year first term?

I offer up to you analysis on this from the Washington Post in “The strategy that paved a winning path” and from Fox News “Analysis: Slivers of hope in economic recovery helped boost Obamabut if you will indulge me at least for now, I will mine the ore of my own thoughts and writings on the matter.

When I arose to the bad news (and it is bad news) of Obama’s reelection I wasn’t shocked or angry because it wasn’t unexpected; I refer you to an essay I wrote in early July “How a Bad Economy will Re-elect Obama” in which I predicted such an Obama victory.

In reviewing that essay I see I was on the mark in most areas of my analysis in those ancient days. However, there are a few things left out that will further flesh out the picture:

Much like a boxing match where one of the fighters has an effective body attack having a cumulative effect on the opponent in the later rounds, Obama’s relentless attack on business and the “1%” laid the groundwork for the later attacks on Romney’s business career. We heard constant and derisive attacks  on “millionaires and billionaires”,  “fat cat bankers”, “greedy and heartless insurance companies”, “those not paying their fair share”, “owners of business jets” and on and on. The result was that when Romney’s wealth and successes at Bain Capital were attacked it was easy for a large segment of Americans to get angry at the “rich”, and in particular Romney. It helped that during and after the convention the real live Mitt Romney was revealed to be an extraordinarily generous man; but the slime stuck to the wall and that was all many needed to fall into the clutches of the big lie.

Another item necessary  to complete the Obama victory was the destruction of George W Bush and laying at his feet the housing and financial collapse of 2008 and thus the subsequent economic conditions through the entire Obama administration. This big lie runs counter to the evidence which places the root cause of the housing/financial crisis on the Democrat congress in the form of the Community Reinvestment Act and its periodic updates. I researched this and reported the results in my essay “Obama Pitches Jobs Program, Points Finger at GOP for Economic Mess; My reply”. But the slander stuck and many intellectually lazy voters bought into the easy and  big lie that “Bush did it!”

Complicit in the Obama take over of the nation was the main stream media. Here we had before us:

  • A charismatic newcomer on the scene with: no executive experience, no business experience, no military experience and less than a full term as a US Senator.
  • A charismatic newcomer who has produced no significant legislation nor contributed any significant political or cultural thought.
  • A charismatic newcomer on the scene who spent a fair amount of his formative years in Indonesia where he attended an Islamic school.
  • A charismatic newcomer who spent a fair amount of his teen years in Hawaii, raised by his radical (Communist?) grandparents and under the tutelage of Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA; I don’t know about you, but it causes me great concern that an ideology such as Communism that has killed 100,000,000 people would have any influence over any elected official, let alone President. 
  • A charismatic newcomer associating with radicals such as William Ayers, Bernadine Dornan, Van Jones, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and others.
  • A charismatic newcomer who has kept his school records sealed indicating he has something to hide.
  • A charismatic newcomer who was not timely and forthcoming in producing his birth records.

Did the media vet this man and let the voting public see the background of one who would be President? No, such vetting was left to Fox News and individuals such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity, Mark Levin and many others who were painted by the media elites as radicals. The main stream media was complicit in creating a rock star politician who they packaged as if he were Elvis or the Beatles. Shameful is what it has been. 

So where do we go from here? What’s in the future for us and our children and grandchildren? At this point I don’t know the answers anymore than you do. Time will bring clarity if we look for it and in the meantime:

  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

Don Johnson – November 2012


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