My Thinking … My Ideas Come From Centuries Past

President Obama and Democrats have mocked Governor Romney, Representative Ryan and their ideas as being outmoded; as being from some past century.  

Well my thinking, my ideas and my values are also old fashioned and from centuries past:

My thinking and my moral compass does not derive from the“new” century ideas of Sandra Fluke, Hugh Heffner, Timothy Leary, Tom Hayden, Frank Marshall Davis or Barack Hussein Obama, but is derived:
from the words of Moses as in the Ten Commandments; from the Old Testament prophets; from the Psalms of King David; from the wisdom of Solomon; from the deeds, words and teachings of Jesus in the New Testament;  from the words of the Apostle Paul as he teaches on the proper structure and behavior of the family and the roles of each family member. Indeed my moral compass derives from the very first words of the Bible “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

My thinking on liberty and the intrinsic value and worth of each individual man, woman and child comes from past centuries thinking and the words of people like John Locke, Georges Montesquieu, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and may others of that bygone era. Likewise my thinking on the proper role of government comes from that lone ago era and centuries past, and of a modern disciple Ronald Wilson Reagan.  My thinking on the proper role of government does not derive from the more modern and up-to-date theories of those such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Charles Darwin, Woodrow Wilson or Barack Obama.

My thinking on things economic derives from the centuries old ideas of Adam Smith which gave rise to the American free enterprise “Capitalist” system; the greatest source of economic freedom, opportunity and prosperity the world has ever known. My thinking on things economic does not derive from the “new century” Occupy Wall Street mob, nor does it derive from the free spending ideas that have set this nation on a clear path of economic debt and ruin visible on a not distant horizon; ideas that “old centuries” heroes of old have amply warned us of .

Don Johnson – September 2012



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