Ahmadinejad to address UN … With Divine Help?

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  is slated to address the United Nations in late September. However, a slight snag has developed on just how Mr. Ahmadinejad  will travel to the Manhattan site of the UN. The US administration along with the State of New York and the City of New York has just issued a communiqué to the Iranian government regarding the proposed visit, and this news service has obtained a copy of the note which reads: 

Mr. Ahmadinejad,
You are no longer welcome to set foot on any inch of American soil, nor cross any American airspace nor breath as much as a milliliter of American air. If the U.N. or your beloved Allah can somehow magically transport your miserable body into the U.N. House of Lies, then so be it, as long as you touch no part of our land or airspace.

Your behavior in threatening the slaughter of 6 million Jews in Israel and your preparations for this annihilation in the form of producing nuclear weapons puts you on a par with Adolf Hitler and his extermination camps, and even worse.
You and those of your ilk are emissaries of Satan, there is no other explanation for the filth that lies in your soul and spews from your lips.

Directly from the darkest depths of hell, just as Hitler was, are you.

With all sincerity in this,

President of the United States

Mayor of the City of New York

Governor of the State of New York

We can only hope that such a note will be issued, but of course there will be no such note issued, and Israel will be left with only one reliable ally, that being Almighty God.

Don Johnson – September 2012


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