Atheism is much like locking yourself in a cave with no windows, but a door. Inside the cave there is a strong and long standing taboo about that door: Do not go near that door! Do not open that door, even just a crack!  The type of science that an atheist (mis)uses searches in all of the corners of the cave looking for God (or god if you prefer) and not finding him concludes that there is no such thing since he/it/them since he/it/them can’t be found in the cave. Then one day a brave soul decides to open the door to see what is outside. Outside of the cave he finds many wonderful, mysterious and interesting things, and then proceeds to seek and discover more about them and who might have created these things. He seeks answers more fully in ways spiritual (i.e. the Bible), in reflective thought and by science in examining the created things he has discovered outside of the cave.

Since God exists beyond time and space, He will never be discovered or proved using scientific methods.

Dare to open the door and see what lies beyond; you may be amazed at what you find.

Don Johnson  — September 2012


7 responses to “Atheism

  1. John Octave, D.C.; D.

    God-Pure Consciousness-“That Which ÍS”–“The One”–“The Eternal”–Existence-Life–The One–whatever you term it, God ÏS Life. The Source of Life is: I AMness-ISness-Beingness. Einstein had a statement about science and God, especially in the quantum field theory:”Quantum physics are universal principles expressing God’s thoughts…”paraphrased. The principles science discovers are those hidden codices that Pure Intelligence designed into the world of matter. Recently dna has been discovered on asteroids reflecting this hypothesis. Therefore, we may deduce that Evolution is an expansion of an éncoded’ design that can be termed, ïnvolution’. It is the other end or should I say, the unfolding progression of the equation.Now that may be an emphatic emphasis wrapped in a redundant cover–but, it at least, gives an éxpanded’ perspective of that which IS. Science may not have the integrity to admit that Life has its source as being ‘self-originating’ but, opening that door as you encouraged Approximately five-thousand years ago the Jewish Mystic – aka: kabbalists stated that the earth came into being fifteen-billion years ago…In the last decade the Big Bang theory has acquired much support in this hypothesis. Yes, there will be those hardliners who want to limit this LIFE and put in under a microscope to measure–as if the limitations of the human intellect can perform such an act. “Prove to us there is a God”they may spout. Well, prove to us there isn’t. Such knowledge of this higher and ultimate intelligence cannot be confined to the narrow pinions of human intellect. Such arrogance can metaphorically be applied to the flea floating down the river on its back with an erection shouting: Öpen the drawbride, I am coming through…”Amazing how the human mind wants to limit the unlimited energy. Perhaps some day the athiestic god will give way to the enlightenment that this Great Force and Ultimate Intelligence is teasing us, attempting to direct us to that secret place where this Life that is God is residing–right within man himself. It has been postulated that God decided to hide himself so He/IT decided to place IT-Self in the one place man would last look: within his own being. Like the wanderer journeying the world over to find the blue bird of happiness only to discover such a treasure finds comfort in his own back yard.” Ï sent my soul through the universe seeking to find some sign of the afterlife to tell. Upon returning my soul informed me that I myself am heaven and hell…”___Omar

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