Three Cheers for Romney & Ryan

Three cheers for Romney & Ryan. Three cheers for three very good reasons: Jake (age 16), Scott (age 13) and Riley (age 10).

These are my three grandchildren, and Mitt’s choice of Paul Ryan as VP gives me new hope and new optimism for the futures of these three that I love very much.

You see, I’ve been keenly following the fiscal and economic condition of this country for over 4 years now, going back into the Bush era and the beginning of the Democratic control of the congress back in 2007. In those days, I wasn’t unduly alarmed with things like the national debt and yearly deficits, but in hindsight should have been. My alarm level started spiking not during the 2008 economic meltdown; I’d been through economic downturns before, but at the very beginning of the Obama administration, and the total Democratic control of congress.  I heard things like “ … fundamental transformation … “, and then saw the huge expenditures for various sundry bail outs, and the “stimulus?” bill  on the order of $800,000,000,000+ (that’s $800 billion).   

I started paying attention to those telling me that this was a path to economic catastrophe. People like Adm. Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, characterizing the debt as the number one security threat facing America.

I began to feel a if I was on a beautiful gigantic ocean liner, the USS America sailing away from American shores; away towards a grand utopia just beyond the horizon.

As I wandered about the ship I started paying attention to the people on board; both crew and passengers. And this is what I saw.

I looked for the Captain on the bridge, but he wasn’t there. When I asked his whereabouts, I was told he hung out in the exclusive celebrity lounge on the third desk facing aft with a beautiful view of the ships wake.

I started hearing troubling reports from the duty watch.

On the bow looking forward, pointing at the icebergs ahead and screaming warnings was a  fellow named Rush.

Up high in the crows nest was a fellow named Glenn. He also was screaming his head off while pointing towards the icebergs ahead.

On the bridge radar repeater was a fellow named Shawn, looking at the ice ahead detected by the radar systems. Shawn also was screaming warnings to the helmsman who was drifting off to sleep.

The grand ship had the latest instruments to aide in its transverse to utopia; redundant radar systems, satellite navigation aides, constant computer connections to a variety of weather and sea condition systems, and of course, the old fashioned eye balls of Rush, Glenn, Shawn and many others like them.

The captain was not unaware of these warnings, and on occasion would actually come to the bridge to give opportunity for the celebrities to take pictures and pose with the captain and crew members, and also to experience fleeting moments of power and control.  But, soon, the captain would disappear to the more comfortable setting of the lounge and the luxury it afforded.

When confronted with the warnings, the Captain would launch into a tirade claiming that he was the only one that could navigates safely through the dangers ahead, and that it was the previous Captain that had actually planned the course for the ship, and that he had no choice but to confront the challenging ice head on.

My friends, the warnings are still there, and day by day we are closing in on  collision with an economic calamity. There are other ocean liners ahead of us on this course, ships named Greece and Spain, and they have radioed back warning us of the perils ahead.

I am not afraid for myself. I’ve had a good life and have been modestly successful and am now enjoying a fairly comfortable retirement (actually, I was laid off in July 2008). I have been able to partake in the economic liberty this great nation has provided me, and though it may not last, I am ready spiritually and emotionally to weather what storms may come. 

No, what I am afraid of is the future that my grandchildren may face. If we stay the current course,and if the warnings are accurate, the icebergs and the great ship America will collide when my grandchildren are in their twenties; a time when they should be full of optimism as they begin their part of the American Dream.

Let’s not let that happen to them!! 

There are people like Congressman Ryan and Mitt Romney that see and understand the grave condition we face, and are stepping forward to correct the course while it can be corrected.  Let’s get behind them, and stand with them as they seek to save this great nation.

Don Johnson – August 2012


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