Creation vs. Evolution … Revisited

A review of my life shows me becoming a Christian in 1981, at the age of 36 and after a 15 year flirtation with atheism. But it wasn’t a slam-dunk.

One of the serious problems I had to work through was the question of evolution. Here I was, a new Christian (or something) and was now being told that “God” created everything as opposed to my having evolved from the slime of millions of years ago.

Well, I took that bull by the horns and read,  studied, prayed, attended seminars, listened to various creationists on the radio and on TV explaining the argument for a creation by an intelligent God. I came through that period in my life with a settled world view. Creation was a reasonable, rational and believable view of the universe and life.  

In recent months I decided to revisit this topic and to some extent document my thinking on this blog site. You can revisit these if you wish at:
The Origins of the Universe … Simple or Complex, Your Choice: Part 1
The Origins of the Universe … Simple or Complex: Part 2 … The Problem of “Massively Complex Synchronicity”
Darwin and Baseball
The 4% Universe
Professional Evolutionists. They are not all that smart.

As I was writing “ …  The Problem of “Massively Complex Synchronicity” in Seattle recently I realized that one of my source organizations, Discovery Institute, was just down the street.  I was able to talk to one of their staff members, Casey Luskin and Casey was kind enough to review my article (favorably) and also suggested I post my writings on some evolution web sites. I did this and got quite a few comments, mostly quite critical of my thinking. Two sites were especially interestingConfused smile

Science-Based Life is a very polished site written by a young college graduate Kyle Hill. I’ve been able to comment on Kyle’s site and have received some of his retorts. You can see some of the dialogue here: and here: and here:

Why Evolution is True is the other site I found interesting. Written by Jerry A. Coyne, Ph.D, a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. Dr. Coyne has written a book with the same title, and this is companion site to that book.
This seems to be pretty much a closed site. I have submitted several comments to articles, but they never show up on the site. On further investigation on a number of Dr. Coyne’s articles, I have found near 100% of the comments are favorable to the authors viewpoint, and in many cases contain attacks on creationism and Intelligent Design. .  

What I have seen on these two sites is a very heavy atheistic world view, with no room for an alternative point of view; and of course wrapped in the flag of science.

An interesting exercise, and thanks to the internet, relatively easy to gather information.

Don Johnson – August 2012



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