I thought it might be timely to repst this

A Yearning for Publius

You bet I want Barack Obama re-elected!

If I’m to have a tyrant I want the very best from the first rank of tyrants.

If I am to have a scoundrel I want the very best, a person of the stature of Aaron Burr, the Vice President under Thomas Jefferson tried for treason and the killer of Alexander Hamilton.

If I am to have a habitual liar I want the very best. One that will tell me a thing one day while doing the opposite; then on the very next day tell me just the opposite and have me believe both. Now that’s world class and I will accept nothing less.

If I want a divider of all manner and category of people, I want one who has demonstrated a keen ability to slice and dice Americans 6 ways to Sunday; one who can protect me from the evil jet…

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