Don’t call James Holmes Sick, Insane or Deranged!

Don’t call James Holmes James Holmes  sick, insane,  deranged or otherwise mentally ill!  Don’t even think that James Holmes is sick, insane,  deranged or otherwise mentally ill!

James Holmes is Evil! Let us call this act what it really is, and act of unbridled Evil.

Notice that I have capitalized the word Evil; this is because I believe Evil is a tangible and real force at loose in our world, much like gravity is real and tangible. I believe we need to get back to a values system that separates Good and Evil, and a values system that identifies morally identifiable human acts as belonging to one of those two camps; Good or Evil.

It so happens that I was reading Night by Elie Wiesel as the Aurora, Colorado  massacre was unfolding. I did not intend this juxtaposition, but there it was, and the juxtaposition affirmed strongly my thoughts of the previous paragraph.

For those not familiar with Mr. Wiesel, his book Night chronicles his life as a 15 year old during the Holocaust and describes the horrors he experienced and witnessed; horrors shared by some 6 million other Jews of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.  

For a long time now I have come to the conclusion that the horrors of the holocaust are best, and only, explained in the context of Good and Evil. Evil that is real; Evil that resides in a real Hell; Evil that rises from that real Hell and attacks in the human realm;  Evil that originates from an alive and well Satan residing in that Hell. There is just no other intellectual, scientific, historical or spiritual explanation that fits.

In reading Night you see the attitudes and actions of the “normal” people of the day. Normal people rounding up and killing millions for no other reason than that they are different; that they are Jews and thus worthy of humiliation and destruction. You see the actions of the “normal” people ignoring the plight of thousands of starving and suffering people as they are marched right through their towns and villages; being transferred from one camp to another. You see the actions of “normal” soldiers ordering prisoners to dig trenches and then machine gunning the prisoners in those same trenches. 

And then there is James Holmes; an Evil man in the mold of Adolf Hitler,Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

James Holmes; not a sick man, not a mentally deranged man, not an insane man. James Holmes; a perfectly sane man, a man in total control of his mental faculties. James Holmes, a man possessed by Evil. 

On the Good side of the Good/Evil dichotomy, we have the many courageous men and women who fought valiantly and in some cased quite successfully during the Holocaust and saved many lives; men like Oskar Schindler and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

And we have the heroic stories coming out of Aurora, Colorado; stories of three Good men who sacrificed their own lives by protecting and shielding their girlfriends and fiancés from the wrath of James Holmes.

Lastly, lest you are still persuaded to ascribe the actions of James Holmes and others of his ilk to some sort of mental disorder I invite you to view The Auschwitz Album.

Don Johnson July — 2012


3 responses to “Don’t call James Holmes Sick, Insane or Deranged!

  1. This comment is from Marlene:
    I totally agree with your last blog. Everyone is trying to understand how a seemingly normal person could scheme so long and carry out such evil carnage. That’s ’cause they don’t know the Bible accounts of how prevalent demon possession was in early Church days and will crescendo in the last days. And if one is cast out and not replaced with the Holy Spirit, seven more could take up residence. What about Mary Magdalene who was cleansed of seven demons? And the legion that, after being cast into a huge herd of pigs, caused them to run headlong over a cliff? Etc. etc. I also think of the young demon-possessed man who lived in a cave, and, when the demons were cast out by Jesus, became a sweet docile man who wanted to follow Jesus. HOI HOI! He was considered evil while the demons were in him but oh how he changed. And then there were some that the disciples were unable to cast out but Jesus said they could only be cast out after fasting and prayer. What precious armor the Word provides, if only to let us know how very deep some of these things are.
    (I hadn’t intended to write the previous paragraph so I’m finding it pretty interesting just now.) I will add this , though. The guy looked familiar to me the first time I saw his picture. Then I remembered that the shooter in Tucson had that same smug smirk on his face.
    Another thing to wonder about is should we be surprised that those horrible video games and movies and books may influence people who lay their minds open to such evil? I have never seen a batman movie, and the last few movies I attended had only a few patrons in the theatre.
    (This theatre was sold out.) Also, as I surfed the channels yesterday for things to record, I saw that probably all previous batman films were available for recording.
    Love, Marlene

  2. I found an error on your website I wanted to inform you of before anyone else finds it. It mistakenly says on your bio that you were a software developer. As you spent all of that time getting your doctorate, going to medical school, I wanted to make sure you corrected your information to include your psychiatric expertise.
    Also, maybe he is mentally ill, because he was created that way, and the massacre was “all part of god’s plan”. It seems like you guys like using that phrase when it suits you, but somehow avoid it in times like this.
    Finally, you should go back and read up on your history. There are vast differences in the motivations of people like Hitler and Stalin and all of the potential motives for Holmes. These differences are integral to the understanding of humanity and their actions, and should not be lumped together.
    Finally, as America is directly responsible for the deaths of over 130,000 innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, should we be included in that list of Evil men?

  3. Thanks for your comment. When I see deliberate, purposeful mayhem perpetrated by humans upon other innocent humans, I cannot ignore the prospect of Evil. Same with the Norwegian mass killer.

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