The San Diego “Big Bay Boom”

By now you have heard of the Big Bay Boom in San Diego where the 4’th of July fireworks went up all at once in one big 15 second (not so) spectacular show.

Well, it is now known that the cause of the malfunction was a computer software glitch.

As it turns out the software was written by a liberal software developer, and somehow extraneous entries were introduced which caused the almost instantaneous outburst of loud, high intensity and  irrational fireworks which very quickly diverged from the planned show and the choreographed music.

It is almost certain that one or more of the following words were mistakenly entered into the software: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. The most likely entry was Bush, according to usually reliable sources, although it is believed that any combination of those last names would cause similar malfunctions.

These same sources claim that similar results can be obtained experimentally at home by anyone of a conservative bent by engaging a liberal in conversation and inserting “Bush” into the discussion. Context is not important in the discussion, but it is important that there be at least one conservative who introduces the offensive term.

Don Johnson – July 5, 2012


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