Retirement, Cruising and the American Free Enterprise Capitalistic System

My bride (of 48 years) and I recently completed our first ever cruise to the South East panhandle of Alaska. A great week on the water and the beautiful Alaska landscape.

While on-board, I noticed that the predominance of us cruisers were “olders” like myself, and this line of thinking came to mind:

Retired people often think of themselves as being in the non-productive years of life, not contributing to the economic lifeblood of the nation. However, as I looked over the many grey and silver heads on that ship I realized that we were indeed still contributing to the economy although not actively working.

How so? Well most of us have accumulated enough wealth in the economy to be able to afford such trips once in awhile. Programs such as the 401k have worked great for most of us over the years, and coupled with a robust and free economy are the reason for this wealth. 

As we cruised up and down the Alaska coast stopping in Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan as well as  Victoria BC, and of course our home port of Seattle, we “olders” spent plenty and contributed to the local economies of each place. Additionally, our cruise fees provide employment for the ships crews.

So think carefully in the coming November election and judge for yourself which economic philosophy can best regain and retain a robust and thriving business climate. Will it be the socialist leaning philosophy of Barack Obama and the Democrats, or will it be a Mitt Romney who understands and has lived and prospered in a free market Capitalist economy. Will your economic philosophy and vote reflect that of successful governors such as Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley and Rick Perry, or will it reflect that of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown? Your cruising future, and much more, may depend on it.

Don Johnson – June 2012


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