To My “Occupy New Haven” Friend Mick, The Marine

Do you remember me Mick? We met at the Federal Court House in New Haven where the judge heard testimony that eventually resulted in “Occupy” being evicted.

You told me that you were also a member of something called “Occupy Marines” if I recall. You also told me you took an oath, an oath of non-violence. Do you remember that conversation Mick?  Do you remember me telling you to remember that oath when your friends turned violent? Do you remember me telling you to walk away at the point where things get violent? Do you remember the next day when I woke you from your noon-time slumber in the park and gave you a copy, a free one at that, of Mark Levin’s book “Liberty and Tyranny”?

Do you remember any of that Mick?

I’m writing this directly to you Mick for a couple of reasons:

  • I’m curious Mick, you have my card with this web site on it and an e-mail where you could contact me; I gave it to you along with the book and I’m curious if anything I said made any sort of impact on you.
  • I’ve heard of a lot of violence from you people in recent weeks; blowing up a bridge in Cleveland, attacking dinners in a Chicago restaurant just yesterday, with hammers and pipes, breaking storefront windows in Seattle close to where my niece lives, breaking storefront windows in New York City. And more if I cared to scrutinize the main stream media which tend not to cover such trivial things.
  • Where are you Mick? Are you in Cleveland plotting to blow up more things? Are you in Chicago using your Marine training to beat people in restaurants?
  • Are you the one that Glenn Beck warned us about several years ago?
  • Or have you taken my advice and walked away from all of that and are you now looking for work in order to make something meaningful of your life.
  • Are you making people feel good and proud when they see you in your Marine Corp. T shirt while breaking windows and attacking women in restaurants, or are they proud to see you working with the Toys for Tots program with other Marines?

Just wondering Mick, just wondering.

Don Johnson – May 2012


One response to “To My “Occupy New Haven” Friend Mick, The Marine

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    Any bets he will respond. Or let me raise the bar. Any bets he has had a change of heart and seen the light. I am sorry. I am not a betting man. Should have chosen a better word. I like the change of heart part. I only know of one person who can change a man’s heart.

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