Third Party Candidate Enters Presidential Race

Keith Russell Judd

Keith Russell Judd is an American inmate at Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Beaumont, Texas and is the candidate for President for the “New Democrat” party. Mr. Judd comes from a strong 40% showing against the incumbent president and Democrat party candidate Barack Hussein Obama.  Mr. Judd has mastered the lifestyle of having government take care of your every need and demonstrates this life philosophy and world view daily as his every need is catered to by his keepers in Texas.  Mr. Judd demonstrates the ultimate in fairness as his housing, wage and nutritional needs  are consistent to a high degree with all of his fellow citizens at Beaumont.
If you are disappointed at the pace of which the current President is implementing fairness, then Mr. Judd may just be your man going “Forward”.


Barack Hussein Obama is the incumbent President and Democrat Party candidate and is making a strong showing this past 3 1/2 years of the Presidential election season. Fairness is his game as he promises to cut the 1% down to his size. His methods appear to be patterned after those of Mr. Robert Mugabe  of Zimbabwe who achieved a great deal of fairness in the rich farmlands of Zimbabwe.

Mr. Obama offers  a refreshing and Forward  constitutional world view that offers security and fairness for all as the times change and his assessment of fairness evolves.


Willard Mitt Romney is the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, a group of rich and mostly dead white men who believe in such outmoded ideas as the Constitution of 1789 being a legally binding contract for governing the nation. Mr. Romney also believes a reasonably regulated and competitive business environment is essential to prosperity and liberty for all citizens.  Outmoded and non-progressive ideas, but that’s what he offers … shudder.


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