Reaching Christians in Nigeria?


I often get discouraged in scanning the news and writing about issues that concern me. Issues here at home a well as issues around the world. Issues of political corruption here at home and issues of human persecution and suffering around the world such as the world wide attack by Muslims on Christians around the world including Nigeria.

Then I look at my blog and see that someone in Lagos Nigeria has visited the blog and the very essay I wrote about that persecution. Who is this person and how did he/she/they find that particular essay?  Are these persons encouraged that someone in America is concerned about their plight, or are they the sort that will some day break down my front door and cart me away. I prefer the former scenario where speaking out against evil encourages and lifts up. I get blog visits from all over the world even though my base e-mail list is quite small; I don’t understand why this is happening, nor do I know the impact of such visits, but take some comfort that my messages may be of some influence. 

So I guess I will continue my quest and my cycle of learning and writing, and trust in the Lord for the results.

And thanks to all of you who do read my thoughts and essays, I appreciate it very much and do need encouragement from time to time.

Don Johnson – May 2012


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