Some Reasons Why I Write








One response to “Some Reasons Why I Write

  1. Ron Vander Griend

    There is a great movie I recommend to all. It is called Sheffly. It is based on a true story of a circuit rider preacher from the early 18880’s to 1902. The largest impact is at the end. He states every time we as country give in to liberal ways that encroach on the truths of our faith we never get it back. He states it starts in our schools, moves into our homes, government and even our homes. Liberal philosophy is designed to make us all equal under mans idea of what is truth. Behind that philosophy is that there is no absolute truth and every man should be able to do what is right in their own eyes. It is amazing to watch that this is the very thing bible said would happen as we reach the last days before His return. What was once evil in this country is now called good and what is good is now called evil. Although it saddens me it also makes me stronger me in the fact that my source for these times is proven to be reliable. Never before it makes a person search his soul to decide if he is just a fan of Jesus or just a follower. If you are not sure I suggest you get the book ” Not a Fan” by kyle idleman. Reading this book will help you examine your own life to determine which type of person you are. I encourage everyone to not get discouraged by the events going on this world, but yet recognize the opportunity to reach the lost as we live in these exciting times prophesied so long ago.

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