Do I Still Have A Congress? Do I Still Have A Constitution?

The Obama Health Care law is causing serious questioning and concerns on my part. 

We have a 2700 page law apparently written by think tanks and not by Congress or the Executive branch; that had been read by few, if any, in either branch prior to its passage; that had been available to Congress for review only a day or two prior to its vote; that will create vast new regulatory agencies with little or no accountability to the American people by way of dully elected Congressional representatives; that will be executed by a President who has declared an intent to govern alone and without Congress; that will be executed by a President who has signaled his disregard and distain for the Supreme Court; whose complexity and scope is such that only unelected czars and bureaucrats will determine the intent of the “shalls” it contains; that will create multitudes of regulations having the force of law over all of us; and that will not be read by the Supreme Court prior to its judgment on Constitutionality.

All this has the appearance of an in-process bloodless coup d’état of the American Republic. A coup that is collapsing all governance in this nation to the Executive branch with an irrelevant and largely ceremonial Congress and a greatly diminished Judicial  branch. 

There is a way to stop this coup and it lies with the Supreme Court. The Court should immediately suspend all of it’s current business and case load and actually read and analyze the health care bill in the context of its Constitutional role of Judicial review. This may take quite some time, perhaps a year or more, and while conducting it’s due diligence the court should immediately suspend any and all Executive and Congressional activity associated with implementing the bill and roll back any activity and funding currently in place.

The buck should stop with the Supreme Court. They owe such scrutiny to all of America; the brave soldiers who fought the War of Independence, the founding fathers, all generations of Americans to this point in our history, and most importantly to our posterity; our children, grandchildren and all future generations who depend on the wise decisions of those who proceed them.

A Supreme Court scrutiny of this seminal bill must be conducted in the context of the Constitution of 1787 and none other; not a wished for constitution as envisioned by Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt or Barack Obama but the original.

Don Johnson – April 2012


2 responses to “Do I Still Have A Congress? Do I Still Have A Constitution?

  1. Ron Vander Griend

    The supreme court does seem to be focusing on the legal issue of commerece within the the bill. I admit I have not read the bill but others who have claim many other of our rights are affected within this bill. If they only strike down one part of the bill can that be modified and we may be still required to follow many other things within the bill. The entire bill of 2700 pages needs to be stuck down and each part reviewed. Our constituion has definitely eroded dramaticly by this administration.

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