Income Inequality and Prosperity

The drive to acquire more than an equal share is what drives production and creates wealth. The wealth that a Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Cornelius Vanderbilt or Steve Jobs acquires is a pittance compared to the wealth and value they create for workers and consumers. It’s like comparing a handful of seed to a field full of wheat.

It’s like comparing a handful of seed to a field full of wheat.

I don’t remember where I saw this little snippet of wisdom, but it hit me like the sweet breath of a flowering spring breeze.

We hear the constant droning of … income inequality;  … the wealthiest must pay their fair share; …  the millionaires and billionaires need to pay their fair share;  … We can’t afford for folks who are the most fortunate to do the least, and put the largest burden on the folks who are struggling the most …

My friends I just can’t go along with that line of thinking. The hard working farmer with that handful of seed feeds multitudes; those hard working founders of Microsoft and Apple with those handfuls of ideas and visions created wealth and income for multitudes; that hard working founder of  Ford Motor Company created wealth and jobs for multitudes. You can name many others, and undoubtedly you yourself are beneficiaries of such seed sowers.

But maybe I’m wrong. Or worse, perhaps I am greedy. Perhaps we should take that handful of seeds and distribute them evenly to those without. We could try that, but I suspect we will soon run out of seed. What then my friends?

On May 1, 2012 the 99% will try to redistribute the handful of seeds by way of a total strike, a shutdown of the American economy for a day. They will try  …  believe me they will try  …  and to some extent they will succeed if only to the extent of increasing the anger and division across the nation.

Listen to what Bill Ayers, a friend and colleague of Barack Obama said at Occupy Union Square in NYC:  ‘I get up every morning and think ‘Today I’m going to make a difference. Today I’m going to end capitalism.

What can we do on May 1?   Actively participate in the American economy on that day. If you have an “occupy” movement in your city or town, find out what their plans are and go there visibly and in mass and support the businesses under attack. If you are part of tea party get your group involved.  And while there make your voices heard loud and clear to the media that will be there as well.


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