Why I Support Obama For Re-Election

You bet I want Barack Obama re-elected!

If I’m to have a tyrant I want the very best from the first rank of tyrants.

If I am to have a scoundrel I want the very best, a person of the stature of Aaron Burr, the Vice President under Thomas Jefferson tried for treason and the killer of Alexander Hamilton.

If I am to have a habitual liar I want the very best. One that will tell me a thing one day while doing the opposite; then on the very next day tell me just the opposite and have me believe both. Now that’s world class and I will accept nothing less.

If I want a divider of all manner and category of people, I want one who has demonstrated a keen ability to slice and dice Americans 6 ways to Sunday; one who can protect me from the evil jet owners who fly here and there on their own ill-gotten jets; one who can protect me from  bankers and show me the dastardly evil in all of their ways, and nationalize them when necessary. But most of all I want someone who will lead the way in setting Blacks against Whites, White-Hispanics against Blacks;  the 99% against the 1%, unions against companies;  and on and on and on and on.

If I am to have selective law enforcement I want a President who will stand up side by side with a foreign nation (Mexico would be a good choice) against an American state trying to protect its borders. And I want someone who will look aside when thugs are standing outside the polling place with phony uniforms and Billy clubs intimidating voters. Holder and Barack are my guys hands down.

If I want someone to sell massive numbers of guns to Mexican Drug Lords, Obama’s my guy.

If I want a gambler to gamble away my money on fantasy schemes of free wind and sun power then Obama’s my man.

If I want someone to shutdown my neighborhood power plant with no viable replacement for the next 6 or 7 decades, Obama’s the guy.

If I want someone to squander close to a trillion dollars with little measurable gain, bring on Barack.

If I want someone who is continually jetting around the country and the world in his magic Boeing 747, campaigning the whole time, BHO is the One.

If I want someone to govern exclusively from his massive unelected federal regulatory and bureaucratic apparatus, while making Congress irrelevant, then he’s the guy.

If I want a constitutional scholar well versed in the Constitution of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then we already have the best, why change now (sorry George Washington, James Madison et al your Constitution seems so out of date.)

If I want someone to tell me a health care bill will cost $900 Billion, only to find out that the real cost will be double (latest estimate from Congressional Budget Office) simply because of massive dishonesty in estimating the original cost, Obama’s the ONE!

Oh yea, and if I want someone to ramp up the national debt to the point where my grandchildren and their children have little hope of economic opportunity and prosperity, let alone personal liberty, then bring on The One.  

If I want someone to lie his way to the White House by demonizing a current occupant, then not just any scoundrel will do; bring on the “O”.

If I want a President who refuses to acknowledges the successes of his predecessor in prosecuting the War on Terror and keeping America safe for eight years,  but rather claims them as his own (and probably including waterboarding), then Barack is my guy.

Likewise, I want someone who will claim as his own, someone else’s successes  in increased energy production while at the same time shutting down new production. Yes, once again I look to my fearless leader Barack Hussein Obama.

If I want someone to lead America down to a point where no one will seek refuge in ”the last great hope on earth”, or “that shining city on a hill” who would be better than Barack.

If I want a man who eloquently (but falsely)  presents a glowing defense of Islamic history in America while diminishing the Christian influence, well you guessed it, Obama’s The One.

If I want one who constantly blames others while avoiding any sort of responsibility, then he’s the guy.

If I want a guy who shows an example of personal and family extravagance by jetting off to extravagant vacation spots around the world, the Barack and Michelle can’t be beat.

If I want a great leader who will gut my military capability at the same time he leaves American presence and influence non existent from Pakistan to Tunisia then who else but the “Reset Man” Obama. Bring on the Caliphate! 

I know I’m leaving out a thing or two in my glowing endorsement, but I am very weary.

One last thing, and this is the very best and I save it for last. You see If all goes as I expect it could, then I will not have to bother to vote in future elections because we will have given  our leader for life the ultimate in “flexibility.”

And, who knows, the rise in the oceans may in fact recede and the Earth may heal. 

Don Johnson  – April 2012


2 responses to “Why I Support Obama For Re-Election

  1. Your best yet Don!

  2. Reblogged this on A Yearning for Publius and commented:

    I thought it might be timely to repst this

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