Obama Recants Comments on Trayvon Martin

Remarks from the President of the United States:

“After reflecting on my previous comments regarding the Trayvon Martin case I find I must recant what I said. While I regard Mr. Martins death as tragic, I must respect the rule of law and allow the investigative process to run it’s proper course, which at this point in time is properly limited to the local and state jurisdictions.  If future events justify, then Federal actions may be appropriate.

In weighing in on this matter I have unintentionally contributed to what is becoming a lynch mob mentality.

In addition to my own previous statements, I specifically, and by name, repudiate the actions of the New Black Panther organization who have publically offered a large reward for the capture of Mr. Zimmerman. I also repudiate the frightful and shameful actions of Mr. Spike Lee who apparently has Tweeted the home address of Mr. Zimmerman. Rev. Al Sharpton has also contributed to this mob environment surrounding Mr. Zimmerman, and I repudiate him for his premature and incendiary actions.

The incendiary actions and words of these individuals and groups are reminiscent of the days of the KKK, which regrettably were predominantly members of my own party.  America has moved past the KKK, and let us not allow the case of Mr. Martin result in a lynching of Mr. Zimmerman.

American law and tradition require Mr. Zimmerman be afforded due process of law.

Thank you and may God bless the United States of America.”

Actually Mr. Obama did not issue such a recantation, although I am expecting it any time. In the meantime, I’ve written this short speech for his use if he should choose to use it.

Don Johnson – March 2012


2 responses to “Obama Recants Comments on Trayvon Martin

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