Some Great Musical Talent We Have Known

Since becoming Christians in 1981, Diana and I have been around some truly great musical talent; let me introduce two young groups (families actually) we have been blessed to be around.

We met the Bunnell family when we sang in the choir at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego CA. That choir and orchestra was amazing, and the Bunnell kids contributed in a major way to the quality of the orchestra. I sang bass on the right side of the choir, and would look down and watch and listen with awe as the four girls poured out beauty from their strings. I remember when 11 year old Ross joined them and added even more quality to the sound.
As joyful as  the music was, not all was well in the family.  Dad Bunnell was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died several months later. A few years later mom Bunnell was herself diagnosed with cancer within a couple of years of the passing of her husband.  Neither parent claimed any musical talents or skills,  but their children were given an amazing gift that they are using to this day.

We’ve only recently started attending Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Woodbridge CT, and have discovered another amazing musical family, the Taubls. They graced us with a concert at Christmas, and this morning two of the boys led the worship music with an outpouring of inspirational and encouraging music. If they ever get out your way, take the time to see and hear them, you won’t regret the time spent. I’ve just read through the Taubl family web site; check it out for some inspiring stuff.


Don Johnson – March 2012


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