Thanks to all “Watchmen on the Wall” and to all “Standing in the Gap”

Like many of you I get many e-mail “pass-on’s”, especially of the political sort warning of and complaining about the excesses of the Obama administration. Many of these are on the mark, and many are not. I’ve recently received several from a friend which I consider to be “on the mark”, and they caused me to step back and realize that I should be more responsive in encouraging those who take the time and effort to educate the rest of us about what is happening in our country and that should cause us all to take notice.

So the following is my response to my friend Rich, and I hope it is an encouragement to all who may read this.

Thanks Rich for sending this and others that you have passed on in the past. I do appreciate it very much.

I try hard to fight off discouragement over what is happening to our country in these days, and I try to do my part in keeping informed by reading and writing in an attempt to influence others. I’ve been writing my blog, “A Yearning for Publius” for three+ years now, and it often seems as if nobody is out there listening. But I know that is not true when I hear from you and others like you who are warning us of the dangers we face as a nation; and also reminding all of us of what a great nation we are and have been.

In times of discouragement, I like to be reminded of George Washington, and how he kept the faith through 8+ years of brutal warfare; of how he just wanted to quietly go home to his farm and live out his life quietly and peacefully; of how he responded time and again to the call of his nation and fellow countrymen; of how he never gave up and carried that torch of liberty all of his life. I pray that I also can retain the strength and resolve necessary to preserve liberty in this great nation.

I see so many that would tear down this republic; I see so many of our national leaders, and especially our President who disrespect, disregard and dishonor our Constitution (and thus our founding fathers) yet do not have the courage or honesty to admit it in public as Woodrow Wilson did years ago (yes, Wilson hated the Constitution).

Yet I also see true patriots such as Glenn Beck who have dedicated their lives to restoring and preserving the republic on the bedrock foundation of God given liberty and the worth and dignity of each and every individual American.

So, I would say to you, and especially to me; be encouraged, and never give in. Liberty is too rare and too precious to do otherwise.




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