On Wisconsin, fight for victory!

Do you recall the fiasco that was Wisconsin last year over the proposed budget reforms of Gov. Scott Walker? I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground since then to see how this would all turn out. Now after a year it seems the results are in, and Mr. Walker’s reforms are actually working for the benefit of Wisconsin citizens and their local communities and school districts.

The following articles show this to be the case and expose the corruption of the Wisconsin Democrat party and union cabal.  You might want to keep this Wisconsin “experiment” in mind while listening to the upcoming deceptions of the national Democrat Party and national union cabal in trying to convince you that the Democratic Party has any interest in restoring a robust American economy. They don’t, it’s all about gaining more power at the expense of your personal liberty.



Video: Unhinged Lefties Heckle Scott Walker During Major Speech — Plus: Walker Leads in Possible Recall Contest – Guy Benson


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