Global Warming and the African continent

I’m walking through the airport at Johannesburg South Africa in early January and see these giant posters welcoming the participants of the Durban Climate Change Conference in the SA city of Durbin along the Indian Ocean coast.


As in the Kyoto Japan conference in years past, the blame for global warming has been placed at the feet of us humans and our progress since the Industrial Revolution.

Well, I’m  looking at these posters and images of the African continent come to mind, and I say to myself “of all the dumb places to have a ‘me caused’ warming conference, why oh why pick Africa?” Images of Yosemite and the fjords of Norway also come to mind where massive canyons were carved by massive ice sheets that are no longer there.

But back to Africa.  Much of northern Africa is desert as are large portions of southern Africa such as the Kalahari desert in Botswana, and much of the area along the horn of Africa.

If I am to believe the”man caused” global warming folks, then I have to wonder about these large expanses of desert throughout the world as well as the geographic features resulting from the retreat (warming) of the ice sheets in places like Norway, Switzerland, Chili and Yosemite. Were they formed recently because of my smoking Jeep Liberty? Were they formed recently because of farmers in the mid-west harvesting vast fields of wheat with their smoky John Deere combines?  Were these deserts extant in Biblical times though perhaps not as large?

I don’t have an advanced degree in global climatology, but I do have eyes, a brain and hopefully a bit of common sense. What am I to believe, the PhD’s of the warming crowd, or my lying eyes.  Of course the earth is warming and has been warming at least since the ice age, but has my Jeep caused the deserts? I think not.

This is not just an academic pissing contest among the egg heads. With proposals such as Cap and Trade being bandied about across the capitals of the world, serious economic catastrophes will occur, probably resulting in large scale famines as food production necessarily shrinks.
I’ve just read a timely article in the Wall Street Journal this morning just after posting my essay.


What say you?



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