Passing Out Pitchforks: The Progressive Destructiveness of Barack Obama

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks,” Barack Obama speaking to bankers in April 2009.

Many have engaged in the parlor game of who is the best/worst president, as have I. It’s easy to line up Washington, Lincoln, Truman, Reagan and others to top off the list of the best, but it is more difficult (emotionally at least for me) to line up the worst of the lot since we would just rather dwell on the best.

However, it seems to me that one president stands out among others as the most destructive among those I am familiar with; that being Barack Obama.

First of all he is destructive of the Constitution and therefore of the republic itself; let me amplify.

Obama and other Progressives of his stripe fail to understand the corrupt nature of man and therefore the corrupt nature of governments and thus strive to corrupt their own government; your government, mine and our grandchildren’s . The founders understood clearly this dual and connected nature and crafted the Constitution accordingly by separating governmental powers across three branches and between the state and federal governments. Most importantly they gave ultimate power to individual citizens and not to the government as stated in the preamble thus “We the People of the United States … “. James Madison stated it well in Federalist 51:

What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

Human nature is such that human beings need to be governed lest we descend into anarchy. But since human beings make up the government, government itself must be limited lest it become tyrannical. And tyranny has been the normal and oppressive form of government throughout human history with less than 5% of all people ever living on the earth living in freedom; until the American Revolution.

Progressives are blind to this understanding of human nature and work against the principle of limited government and thus the Constitution, and ultimately work against the very republic itself ; they seek to subvert it with a system of “domain experts” that can “progress” with an agenda in spite of any Congressional or public opposition. These days such experts are called czars of which we have growing numbers as the presiding executive sees fit to appoint.   Each such czaristic appointment dilutes the power and authority of Congress, and thus the people, and bends the trajectory of American government towards tyranny.

Lest you think Obama values Constitutional separation of powers and legislative debate, over executive dictate, or if he values it at all, read what APNews reports this last day of 2011:

Leaving behind a year of bruising legislative battles, President Barack Obama enters his fourth year in office having calculated that he no longer needs Congress to promote his agenda and may even benefit in his re-election campaign if lawmakers accomplish little in 2012. …

  …The White House believes GOP lawmakers boxed themselves in during the pre-Christmas debate on the tax break and will be hard-pressed to back off their own assertions that it should continue through the end of 2012.

Once that debate is over, the White House says, Obama’s political fate will no longer be tied to Washington.

“Now that he’s sort of free from having to put out these fires, the president will have a larger playing field. If that includes Congress, all the better,” said Josh Earnest, White House deputy press secretary. But, he added, “that’s no longer a requirement.”

Aides say the president will not turn his back on Congress completely in the new year. He is expected to once again push lawmakers to pass elements of his jobs bill that were blocked by Republicans last fall.

If those efforts fail, the White House says, Obama’s re-election year will focus almost exclusively on executive action.

I remember a few years back Glenn Beck warning against this very thing, that Obama was working to make Congress irrelevant; well folks it appears that Beck was right and we are indeed on a trajectory towards tyranny.

Consider this; the American Constitution was crafted to be the governing law of the land in 1787 and was ratified by 9 of the 13 states in 1788 and thus became the legally binding contract of governance between the national government, state governments and the individual citizens. Since 1788 there have been no actions of any sort anywhere, nor at any time to nullify this still binding legal contract, nor has there been a revolution overthrowing the Constitution. Nullification of the Constitution however, has been occurring on a somewhat regular and deceptive basis by the various Progressive waves that have swept over the nation since the late 1800s including such notables as Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

This contempt for the Constitution (and the Declaration of Independence) on the part of progressives is contemptible and is destructive to the individual liberties gained by the American Revolution.

Progressives such as Obama consider the Constitution to be an obsolete piece of paper that hinders his agenda, and thus his new “We Can’t Wait” campaign. For those of us who value the Constitution and its safeguards of individual liberty these are truly frightening times. Read, study and research the article “In 2012, Obama to press ahead without Congress” and note the arrogant attitude of an administration that is clearly striking out on its own path towards tyrannical power. 

Coupled with this Progressive attack on the very spirit and structure of the Constitution, President Obama, the Democratic party and its supporters in the media such as MSNBC have embarked on a program of passing out pitchforks to be used against political enemies.  Those threatened with presidential pitchforks include but are not limited to:

  • The big three American automakers flying to DC in private jets.  Do you recall the scene in Washington where the CEOs of the Big Three were demonized and vilified for having the audacity of flying to Washington in corporate jets. And have you lost count of the times where our national  CEO has climbed aboard his own corporate jet, at taxpayer expense, to campaign endlessly for his own agenda all the while passing out pitchforks to be used against political enemies?
  • All owners of private jets. Do you recall when owners of corporate jets, a legitimate business tool by the way,  were the convenient whipping boys and the target of a type of pitchfork?  Are you alarmed with the audacity of the President and the First Lady that permits the First Lady to travel to luxury vacation spots with her own entourage  and on her own jumbo jet within days of the Presidents flight to that same vacation spot?
  • Bankers. Did you see or do you remember the episode shortly after the financial collapse where bus loads of union thugs arrived, with bullhorns raging, at the front yard of a banking executive in suburban Connecticut and intimidated a young boy home alone? You may not know of this episode since it was covered (exclusively?) by Fox News. Is it a stretch to see bull horns replaced by pitchforks sometime in the future?
  • Insurance companies.
    he harshly attacked insurers for trying to block health care reform efforts, charging the industry with “filling the airwaves with deceptive and dishonest ads” and “funding studies designed to mislead the American people.”
  • Businesses large and small, and Capitalism itself  – The “1%”  “At a Certain Point You’ve Made Enough Money”.
    The constant drum beat of millionaires and billionaires being the only thing standing between the middle class and prosperity is mind numbing, and provides fodder to the 99%ers who will flood the streets and neighborhoods as the weather improves and the campaign heats up next summer.  We already see it in the “occupation” of the Iowa caucuses.
  • Doctors. Obama says that for something like diabetes, having doctors altering patients diets and guiding them to make the right decisions and “monitoring” whether they are taking their medications, the fee schedule pays so low that that doctors can (and would) instead amputate a foot and get thirty thousand dollars. Obama also said something similar about doctors taking out tonsils for money in the same way. If doctors were taking out more tonsils than necessary it might have had more to do with the fear of being sued for not taking out tonsils if there was the slightest indication that maybe they should be taken out.
  • Tea Party activists.
    Racists, terrorists, sewer rats, hostage takers, KKK style lynch mobs, chain saw killers, congressional assassins in Tucson, jihadists wearing suicide vests, Las Vegas junketeers, sons of bitches.

    All of these are descriptions that democrats are ascribing to Tea Party Americans. These are the pitchforks most likely to be seen in the neighborhoods of America as the 2012 campaign heats up. Will Occupy movements go after the Tea partiers and the 1%? I think so, and I don’t think they will be discriminatory in their uprising. Expect to see Tea Party hating liberals swept up in the chaos as well.
  • Republicans. The Republicans plan, Obama says, boils down to this: ‘Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.’  Pitchforks?
    … the single biggest political lie of 2011! The “winner” of the “biggest lie” award goes to congressional Democrats – who claimed that Rep. Paul Ryan’s Federal Budget Plan from earlier this year would “end Medicare”!
    More pitchforks?
  • Congress (but only the Republican part). The Republican controlled House of Representatives has not only passed a budget, but has passed well over 20 bills targeted at improving the economic and jobs situation in the US. Yet none of these have been brought forward for debate or vote by the Democrat controlled Senate. Further, neither the Senate nor the administration has seen fit to produce a budget for something on the order of 1000 days. And yet the pitchfork of a “do nothing” congress is leveled only at the Republican House.
  • Traditional/conventional energy producers. We shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and delay (maybe even kill) a pipeline from Canada, both of which provide a measure of energy independence, while pouring billions into failed and politicized solar fiascos such as Solyndra. All the while Obama is blasting the oil companies while praising and courting Brazilian deep sea production and seeking to be that countries best customer. 
  • Fat cat executives of all sorts. A constant stream of berating millionaires and billionaires for not paying their fair share even though the top 1% pay more than the bottom 95%.
  • Fox News.It’s not so much a conflict with Fox News,“ Emanuel said Sunday during CNN’s State of the Union, “I suppose the way to look at it and the way the president looks at it and we look at is: it’s not a news organization so much as it has a perspective. (Rahm  Emanuel)
    “When he goes on Fox, he understands that he’s not really going on it as a news network, at this point. He’s going to debate the opposition. And that’s fine. He never minds doing that,” (Anita) Dunn said.
    I live in a city (New Haven Connecticut) with only 4% registered Republicans, so at times it feels like Fox News is the Voice of America broadcasting into a hostile territory. Believe me, it’s not pleasant to listen to the accusations of being brainwashed by Fox News.
  • Glenn Beck.  Obama has not been personally attacking Glenn Beck except tangentially with Becks association with Fox News. However, one has to believe that Beck has been the lightening rod for the lefts many attacks on Fox News; thus Beck also warrants the pitchforks.
  • Rep. Paul Ryan. I repeat here the slander against Mr. Ryan and the Republican House of Representative members: The “winner” of the “biggest lie” award goes to congressional Democrats – who claimed that Rep. Paul Ryan’s Federal Budget Plan from earlier this year would “end Medicare”!
  • The Supreme Court. In his 2010 State of the Union address the President stated “With all due deference to the separation of powers, the court last week reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.”
    First of all, I doubt seriously Mr. Obama’s “due deference to the separation of powers”. Why should owners of businesses, small and large, be shut out of the political process when so much of their success or failure depends on policies set forth by victors in elections?
  • Governors attempting to reign in budget deficits.
    The budget battle in Wisconsin was very illuminating in several ways; it showed clearly that public sector unions care little about the struggle of state and local governments in keeping finances in control. The “occupation” of the state capital and the desertion of the Democrat state legislators to Illinois showed their lack of respect for the democratic process of elections; it also showed their lack of respect for citizens who are not union members but would suffer should the state default on its budget obligations. What we saw in Wisconsin was class warfare plain and simple.   
  • Governors trying to mitigate threats to their states due to illegal immigration. It broke my heart when the Obama administration came against the people of Arizona and brought suite against the new Arizona immigration laws a few years back. I read the stories of those border ranchers and how they lived in fear as invaders from a foreign country invaded and damaged their private property. I read with sorrow the stories from Victor Davis Hanson, a 5th generation farmer and a noted historical author and scholar as he describes the lawlessness around his farm in the central valley of California.
    I watch the unfolding scandal of thousands of guns being sold to Mexican drug gangs, all under the authority of the Obama Justice Department, and I see the lethality of these forms of pitchforks as they take the lives of US citizens like Border Patrol agent Bryan Terry as well as a reported 200+ deaths in Mexico. What is going on here?  

Not all of these pitchforks will remain in the purely political and electoral arena as is typical of any hotly contested election. But many have the strong potential of spilling over into violence in the streets of America, and I have to wonder if this is the deliberate intent of Democrats.

Have we given too much authority and power away to the executive branch? Do we now have a president who is crossing the Rubicon much as Julius Caesar did in destroying the Roman Republic and establishing the era of Roman dictators?
Since the days of the American Revolution there have been wannabe Caesars waiting in the wings to seize power, beginning perhaps with General Horatio Gates or Aaron Burr. Let us hope that is not the case today in 2012.

If you are offered a pitchfork, respectfully decline while acknowledging to the offerer that you recognize it as a pitchfork.

If you have a pitchfork, do not return it but rather deposit it in a proper garbage disposal site.


Don Johnson – January 2,2012


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