Being George Washington

I’ve just finished reading this wonderful book by Glenn Beck; and I highly recommend it to you.

This is not an extensive or all inclusive biography of George Washington; if you want that try Washington by Ron Chernow. Rather, Beck highlights the “character” of Washington by telling the stories of Washington’s wartime leadership as well as his leadership as President of the Constitutional Convention.

The stories told in this book really bring out why George Washington was, and still is, referred to as the “indispensible man” in American history. It almost stretches credibility to realize that there was actually a man such as this who commanded such enormous respect across a spectrum of people from his soldiers to the King of England who he was fighting against. I leave this book truly in awe of this man Washington. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt I knew very little about George Washington, and this book by Beck goes far in filling the gaps in my knowledge; and not just factual knowledge but the deep character traits that were George Washington; traits that were singular in his day, and are rare throughout history, including the present day. But Beck doesn’t stop with just the stories; he implores his readers to emulate the character of George Washington in their own lives; to become Washington in the family, the workplace, the community, the church and wherever we may have influence.

Being George Washington is a good read; an easy read and a real thriller and page turner.

A note about the author: Glenn Beck is the sort of man that, had he been there, would have signed the Declaration of Independence and most likely fought alongside Washington.




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