The Wall Street I Have Known

In early October 2011 I went to Wall Street and talked with some of the “99%”. I told each of those I talked to that I was there in support of Wall Street and the American Business Community. Let me tell you of my own personal experience with Wall Street and the American business community.

My first job out of college was with Collins Radio Company. Collins was founded in 1933 by Arthur Collins, a radio pioneer at the age of 15.  Arthur was the son of M.H. Collins, a successful farmer in Iowa. When the depression hit M.H. Collins was forced to sell the farm. A few years later in 1933 Collins Radio Company was created by Arthur in a basement and went on to be one of the successful companies in America. I remember Arthur Collins giving each employee a Thanksgiving turkey purchased with his own personal funds.

My next job was with Rhor Industries. Rohr was founded in 1940 by Frederick Rohr, a talented metal worker who worked for several early aviation companies before starting his own company in his garage. Rohr became the world’s leading manufacturer of engine parts for Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Airbus as well as providing parts for the C-130, C-5, F-14 and KC-135 military aircraft.

My next job was with Computer Sciences Corporation founded in 1959 by Roy Nutt, Fletcher Jones and Bob Patrick. By 1963 CSC became the largest software company in the United States and took the business public with an IPO listed on the American Stock Exchange. By the end of 1968, CSC was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and had operations in Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

CSC has been a Fortune 500 Company since 1995.

My next job was with Cubic Corporation founded in 1951 by Walter J. Zabel. Cubic is a world leader in military combat training systems and is also the world’s leader in mass transit ticketing systems including the New York subway system used by those “occupiers” down in lower Manhattan. Mr. Zabel at 95 years of age remains as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Other companies I have worked for are:

  • Ford Aerospace (remember Henry Ford the fellow that started Ford Motor Company)
  • Computer Technology Associates (CTA) founded in the 1980s by a small group of aerospace engineers.

There are some common threads I see with these “evil” Capitalist Corporations:

They were all founded by a single man, or a small group, with a vision and the will to succeed.

They have all provided well-paying jobs for many thousands of people over many decades.

They have all provided valuable services and products for millions over many decades.

Several of these companies started in the very difficult economic times of the Great Depression

Damn straight I am a supporter of Wall Street and the American business community!


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