A Confused NY Times Editorial

I include only the last two paragraphs from a recent editorial in the NY Times. It doesn’t really matter the title or the author nor the date. What’s noteworthy is the writers attempt at ridicule towards the slate of Republican candidates for President in 2012. 

But from Michele Bachmann to Herman Cain, the outsiders haven’t risen to the challenge. It will do America no good to replace the arrogant with the ignorant, the overconfident with the incompetent.

In place of reckless meritocrats, we don’t need feckless know-nothings. We need intelligent leaders with a sense of their own limits, experienced people whose lives have taught them caution. We still need the best and brightest, but we need them to have somehow learned humility along the way.

Now that you’ve read it, ponder awhile on the writers elevation of the: “ignorant”,“overconfident“,”incompetent”,“reckless”, “non-meritocrat”,” know nothing”, “unintelligent”, “inexperienced”, “worst”, “dimmest” and “haughty” Barack Obama that the republican “outsiders” wish to replace.


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