The Middle East Peace Process Going Forward

Predicting the likely trajectory of the Middle east Peace Process seems easy at this point. First of all realize that:

There is not, nor has there ever been, a Middle East Peace Process.

The Israelis would welcome peace with the Arabs based on a genuine Arab respect for the sovereignty of Israel and the rights of its people to live in peace.  The Arabs also would welcome peace with Israel, but with one very significant difference; the peace the Arabs seek is one where there are no living Jews anywhere, beginning with the total and absolute annihilation of all Jews living in Israel. This Pogrom is a continuation of the collaboration of Arab leaders with the Nazi leaders in Germany in the 1930-40s and its continuation with the five wars of attempted annihilation since the founding of the nation Israel in 1948. It is also a continuation of prophesies written thousands of years ago by ancient Jewish prophets.

Consider Isaiah 17:1-2 and Isaiah 17:14

Proclamation Against Syria and Israel

1This message came to me concerning Damascus:

“Look, the city of Damascus will disappear!
It will become a heap of ruins.
2 The towns of Aroer will be deserted.
Flocks will graze in the streets and lie down undisturbed, with no one to chase them away.

14 In the evening Israel waits in terror,
but by dawn its enemies are dead.
This is the just reward of those who plunder us,
a fitting end for those who destroy us.

Now consider the following very recent events:
In Hal Lindsey’s report of October 14 2011, Mr. Lindsey reports the following two items:

Syrian  president Assad has reportedly told  Turkey and NATO that if  Syria came under attack by either power, then he (Assad) would unleash a massive missile attack against Tel Aviv Israel. Israel in turn issued a warning to Syria that if Tel Aviv were attacked, then Israel would destroy Damascus. Israel, according to Mr. Lindsey, issued a similar warning to Hezbollah that an attack on Tel Aviv would result in the destruction of Beirut. These threats and counter threats line up precisely as the prophet Isaiah wrote  in the 8th-century BC in one prophesy among many defining what many (including myself) believe to be the end-times.

Consider also some other very recent events:
The so-called Arab Spring is shaping up to be the beginnings of an Islamic Caliphate rather than the beginnings of truly democratic reforms in those nations involved. Witness the persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

An American president has essentially turned his back on the nation of Israel by insisting that Israel return to its 1948 borders (referred to in Israel as the Auschwitz borders).

The removal of all US troops from Iraq leaves a vacuum that will invite further mischief and aggression from Iran. Unfortunately our president has abandoned much of his foreign policy responsibilities as president in order to campaign for reelection, leaving behind a weakened America. This American weakness will further embolden Iran and Syria in their quest to destroy Israel who at this point is  without friends.

You may dismiss Hal Lindsey as just another religious zealot and extremist,  but I don’t.

In 1980 as an atheist I read Mr. Lindsey’s book “The Late Great Planet Earth”.  As I read and reread this book I couldn’t (literally) believe what I was reading. It was so foreign to anything I had ever heard before, and completely foreign to my world view at the time.  I was greatly disturbed and confused and set out on a quest to find out more and see for myself if any of this could be true. I actually started to read the Bible as a starting point to prove or disprove Mr. Lindsey (up to that point I had seldom, if ever, even opened the book).

Mr. Lindsey’s book and my decision to find out for myself the truth of the matter was a life changing experience, indeed a “born again” transformation and one which I am enormously grateful because my life has been transformed and for the better.  You see, what I found was not only confirmation of Lindsey’s writings, but messages to me personally about the kind of life I should lead, the kind of husband, father, friend, employee, boss and brother I should be. And a confirmation that God IS, and that He loves me as an individual creation of His. I remain convinced that my marriage was saved, and that I was spared a life of alcoholism as a direct result of my decision to seek the truth.

In these times of trouble I encourage you to do as I did. I decided to seek the truth, and have no regrets, only gratitude and thanksgiving.

Don Johnson – October 2011


3 responses to “The Middle East Peace Process Going Forward

  1. From Ron V – A friend
    A great report. Even today, I read the US ambassador has left Syria saying it is too dangerous. Most Christian tour groups will not even go to Syria any more because the serious ones understand the prophecy.
    On another subject I could have told you from the bible that once Quadaffi was eliminated Libya would not become a democracy as so hailed by our government and media. Does not anyone read the bible? In Ezekial 38 during the war of Gog and Magog Libya is specifically called out as being one of the aggressor nations. On another front, we see now that even Turkey, which used to have trade and friendly relations has now turned on Israel. When I was going to Israel Turkey was a key vacation area for people of Israel. Not any more. They have been very outspoken about sending new flotillas to Israel. Remember they were behind the last one and have tried to sue Israel in the UN over that one. They have threatened Israel about sending warships to the area. Since the bible, talks about much shaking in the last days against those who oppose God do not find it surprising over the recent earthquake in Turkey. However, there is no fear for us who put our trust in the Lord and Savior. We actually should look at it as we live in exciting times to see the prophecies of God come true as we watch the end of this age come true. As the prophets did in the evil days of Israel during Isaiah and Jeremiah we should as Christians continue to pray that our nation would repent. If it does not then certainly the days spoken about by Jesus are soon coming to pass.

  2. From Kathy A _ A friend
    Very good Don!!!! I have said for years that there will never be peace in the Middle East; we have read the end of the Book and there is no peace until Jesus’ return. Thanks for your words.

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