My Great Fear for the Coming Year

Given the vitriolic and vile rhetoric coming from many quarters on the political left against the Tea Party, I fear that at some point prior to the November 2012 elections we will reap the consequences in the form of blood in the streets. 

  • At least four New York Times writers calling Tea Partiers “terrorists”, with Maureen Dowd likening Tea Partiers to chain saw murderers
  • Members of Congress calling Tea Partiers terrorists.
  • Vice President Biden also calling Tea Partiers terrorists (I know, he has denied it, but the man’s regard for truth leaves much to be desired; witness his character assassination of Judge Robert Bork).
  • Congress members calling the Tea Party “the real enemy”.
  • Congress members claiming the Tea Partiers want blacks “ …hanging from trees”.
  • Congress members telling Tea Partiers to “go to hell”.
  • Casting the blame for our ongoing economic problems on the Tea Party.
  • and more …

This rhetoric coupled with a bad and seemingly worsening economy can and probably will drive people into the streets seeking vengeance on: “the real enemy”,  the “terrorists” that are destroying the country, the new KKK who want to “hang blacks on trees”, etc. etc. People will die, and much property will be damaged.

Think it can’t happen? Look at Great Britain recently, and Greece, and Philadelphia among others. Remember also the 1968Democratic convention in Chicago and the Watts riots of the 1960s. 

Can it be prevented? Yes, but only if the President, Congressional leaders, religious leaders and major media (listening NY Times?) step up to the plate and strongly rebuke those engaging in this behavior.

I would be very interested in your comments, but stick to the issue, and don’t call me any of those names.

Don Johnson


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