Prepare For Retirement

For those of you a bit younger than we are, you might find some useful information on this web site.

Three Things 20-Something’s Can Do To Prepare For Retirement |

However, the first step of your retirement plan should begin at the ballot box. Let me explain:

A robust and growing economy is vital for the economic well being of all of us, at every stage of our lives. Likewise the best retirement plan is an investment in  the American business community in the form of the stock markets and 401k types of long term investments.

I am retired now, after having invested in 401k style plans for most of my working career, and for the most part the American business community has been good to me. However, in order to take advantage of such blessings, there must be a business friendly environment at all levels of government, and this is where it is so important to use your vote wisely. 

Our current federal government is quite anti-business, and this hurts all of us, and especially in the area of retirement planning. Business and government corruption also plays a role in the success or failure of our retirement nest egg as witness the 2008 housing, mortgage and banking debacle which, in our case, caused a 20+% drop in our retirement portfolio.

So my advise is to pay close attention to the ideology, actions and policies of your political party and candidates, and see which of them are friendly to the American business community, large and small.  Chances are that when you find business friendly candidates you will also find them friendly to your own personal retirement plan. 

What say you?

Don Johnson


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