Tea Party Terrorists

My first exposure to the phenomena of equating Tea Party members with terrorists was very surprising, very personal and very blunt; my friend of more than forty years called me a terrorist over breakfast back in April 2010. While comparing notes on our respective travels and activities, I mentioned that I had attended a couple of Tea Party events in the past year. My friend responded by saying that he considered the Tea Party a “terrorist” organization, and in fact had written to the Department of Homeland Security recommending they add us to the Government’s list of “terror organizations”.  My friend and I have long held differing political views, so I guess I wasn’t too surprised at the time with his viewpoint. I tried to reason with him by describing what Tea Partiers are all about, some that I have met, and suggested he attend an event himself and meet some of these people. It was only later when I had time to reflect on my friend’s indictment that I began to realize the seriousness of what he was saying, that I sat down and wrote a blog  essay on the topic I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited.

I have tried very hard to avoid personal attacks in my writing, but this issue of Tea Party Terrorists has blossomed into something very ugly and very prominent among Democrat politicians and left leaning commentators including (allegedly) Vice President Biden, members of Congress, four New York Times writers and others, with the MSNBC evening lineup being especially bad. But I have resisted naming my friend in this essay. I have little hope that we will see any apologies from the Vice President or members of Congress nor the various editorial commentators, but I am hoping my friend will reexamine his rational and apologize.

The following links will give you the flavor of the attacks, and their breadth:   Washington Chain Saw MassacreSmearing the Tea PartyTea Party’s War on America; When We Balance the Budget, the Terrorists Have Won; Endless: The Left Ratchets Up ‘Tea Party Terrorists’ Narrative.

I fully understand that those involved in these attacks are doing it in full 2012 campaign mode and hope to stir up enough hate against Republicans so as to win re-election. However, there is another aspect that disturbs me greatly, and that is the personal toll that such attacks will take on personal relationships of all sorts. Let me explain;

I have three grandchildren, aged 9, 12 and 15. I also have nieces and nephews with children of the same age, and friend with grandchildren of this age group. My two adult children think I am brainwashed from watching Fox News, a good news source by the way and which has been demonized by none other than the President of the United States. 

Children are very impressionable, and I would hate to wake up one morning and discover that some of my grandchildren or other young family members think of me in the same light as Osama bin Laden, Robespierre, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, the KKK, Anders Behring Breivik and others of that ilk. This scenario is not far fetched if you look at some of the more “successful” propagandists of history and how they succeeded in turning family members against one another, and one group against another, often with horrific results. We are playing with fire here, and I hope and pray it will stop before serious damage is done. 

And, again on a personal note, such attacks have already damaged a lifelong friendship, hopefully not permanently.

I hope this madness will stop, but in the meantime I and my Tea Party fellow Americans will continue to : NOT fly fully loaded airliners into tall buildings in large cities; NOT behead hundreds of thousands of political opponents as was done during the French Revolution (not even the King and Queen of France); NOT behead foreign journalists such as Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl; NOT blow up busses or trains in the middle of large cities; NOT blow up night clubs; NOT launch rockets into any of my neighboring towns or cities; NOT teach my young children to hate Jews and seek to kill them by strapping explosives on their bodies; NOT disarm blacks in post Civil War America and then lynch them simply because they are black and I am white; NOT hijack cruise ships and then push a wheel chair bound man overboard to his death; NOT blow up buildings in Oklahoma; NOT round up Jews and put them in cattle cars sending them to death camps all over Europe; NOT hold a gun to the head of anyone, not even a Senator of Congressmen of a different party or the President;  NOT demonize my fellow Americans by calling them all manner of vile names such as “terrorist”.   

What say you?

Don Johnson


7 responses to “Tea Party Terrorists

  1. I have no qualms about calling those true terrorists exactly that. In my life they have ALWAYS been what we know today as “liberals” or Leftists.(often “teachers”). You are always ready to give these monsters the “benefit-of-the-doubt”. But they always revert to lies and invective if one nears exposing them for the scum they are. Sorry for your treatment, but in future don’t associate with these character-chameleons! A Democrat is truly a despicable character at his core, even if it takes you forty-years to discover that!

  2. I am a liberal who attends our local Tea Party meetings. ( I have one tonight )
    What I see on the local level are honest hard working people who are mad as hell as am I. But the national movement being run by corporate interests such as the Koch Brothers is a different ball of wax. Sadly too many locals buy into the lies of the non-grass roots anti-middle class lies and are all too willing to be manipulated into voting against their own self interest.

    Those who made it to Congress are proof that what is best for America’s economic future is the last thing on their minds. They appear to be consumed by an all powerful hate of anything liberal (Obama) are are quite willing to drive our entire economy off a cliff to achieve their ideological goals, America be damned.

    As direct result of their actions, America’s credit is downgraded for the first time in our history. The final ramifications may take months to be known but it could cost jobs, higher interest that will add more to our deficit and perhaps another recession. Thank you Tea Party for putting your ignorance ahead of the future of our once great nation.

  3. You are the moral equivalent of the KKK. Live with it. Embrace it. You are aligned with people who shoot doctors, bomb clinics, and send white powder to medical service providers to prevent women from getting cervical exams. You use Medicare and seek to deny health care to children.

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