Some Early Returns From Wisconsin

It may be early, but there are several Wisconsin school districts that seem to be benefiting from the new Wisconsin law that curbs the power of public sector unions. You surely recall the spectacle of the near riots at the Wisconsin capitol in Madison, and the defection of Democratic lawmakers to a neighboring state rather than fulfilling their obligations to be in-place legislators. We were all warned of the impending doom to be brought upon the hapless victims in the states school districts.

Well that does not seem to be the case, in at least two districts, and I suspect we will be reading more stories in the coming months.

Union curbs rescue a Wisconsin school district

Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs


2 responses to “Some Early Returns From Wisconsin

  1. Frome Roger
    We are donating money to the recall efforts in Wisconsin and have high hopes that Scott Walker will be recalled as soon as he has been in office one year.

  2. I built a site to support the working class that built Wisconsin and also donated a modest amount. I have never been to Wisconsin…but it is a fight to protect the American Worker worth taking part in where ever you live. You could be next on the chopping block of Corporate backed politicians.

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