How a Bad Economy will Re-elect Obama

“It is important to remember that, contrary to liberal legend, Roosevelt did not glide from triumph to triumph. In fact, during the 1930s, a majority of Americans often disagreed with a given New Deal policy and were troubled by the growth of federal power it represented. Still, they were hungry for protective and vigorous leadership and trusted FDR’s concern for their plight, which he expressed and acted upon, clearly and often. This trust helped anchor the Democrats’ majority for years to come. Obama might not be another FDR. But he can become a tougher, more farsighted politician; that would be a change worth believing in.”
(Michael Kazin: Man Without a Plan: Obama’s Short-Sighted View of U.S. Politics The New Republic July 6, 2011)

Rahm Emanuel – Feb 09, 2009: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

Barack Obama – October 30, 2008 “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States  of America.”

You may think I’m crazy, but I believe Barack Obama will win re-election, and I believe a major reason will be a very bad economy. This idea has been floating around my head for several weeks, and won’t go away.

My thinking? Start with  the fact that close to 50% of Americans who could pay taxes don’t. Add to that the many who are losing jobs and collect various forms of government aide such as unemployment, welfare, mortgage relief and food stamps. Voters who are dependent on government will naturally tend to vote for those perceived as providing the benefits, thus the more voters dependent on government, the  better this becomes for those politicians providing the benefits.

This phenomena also applies to the business/government relationship as well; the more that business becomes dependent on government, the more that business will tend to support those politicians providing benefit, favor or protection. Thus what we see in the increasing regulations being imposed on business by the Obama administration,  is a  climate that ultimately favors Democrats, and Obama in particular. Couple this with the very vitriolic attacks on business by Obama,  and you a very poisonous mix of dependency and  fear on the part of business.

Unions fit well into this scenario as well, especially the public sector unions such as teachers and federal civil servants. Private sector union membership and power has dramatically fallen off in recent decades, but public sector unions have grown and their benefits have grown, thus increasing greatly their dependency to the government. Unions have traditionally been a stronghold of the Democrat party, and we are seeing a surge of class warfare style politics fomented by Democrats pitting union workers against correspondingly demonized Republican politicians.  Obama is particularly skilled in these tactics, honed from his years of associations with radical revolutionary leftists such as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn,  Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones and others.

So, the election strategy seems clear to me at this point;
1. Keep the economy in bad shape  and increase dependency as much as possible. (i.e. never let a serious crisis such as public debt and unemployment, go to waste.)
2. Demonize Republicans as not only as the cause of the economic problems, but as the economic enemy of the working class.
3. As in FDR’s time, keep the people “hungry for protective and vigorous leadership…”.
3. Keep blaming George W. Bush

I   really hope I am wrong in this analysis; we’ll see as the months unfold to the election of November 2012,but in the meantime please pay attention.


Don Johnson


4 responses to “How a Bad Economy will Re-elect Obama

  1. From Tom:
    Only 24% of people polled align themselves philosophically with what this stooge does, thinks, and says. So less then a quarter of voters are in this guys camp now. Any decent ticket will beat him since sensible people almost uniformly understand now that every policy this administration enacts is deeply flawed. Remember, Obama only got 53.7% of the vote in 2008 and that was against a very weak opposition candidate and at a time when everyone hated Bush.
    So I would be surprised if BHO got re-elected. It could happen but people are really fed up with the guy and the swing voter – the guy who decides elections – is likely to vote Republican this time around. The argument that he gets automatically re-elected since half the country doesn’t pay tax doesn’t ensure a second term. A lot of those people don’t vote.
    The silver lining in all this is that a lot of average Americans are going to rally together to boot thus guy and everyone associated with him out of office. We will see more of what we saw in the mid term elections.
    So don’t listen to all the talking heads and so called pundits. They are always wrong. Obama has set liberal politics and politicians back a long way since he has been wrong at every turn and I think a majority of voters understand that and will vote accordingly.
    Now all we need is a candidate, but I think people will vote for anyone over Obama this time around. I guess it is down to Romney or Perry. The others are done already. Bachman is a smart Sarah Palin and could be a good VP.

  2. From David:
    Interesting assessment Don. Unfortunately, you are probably right. I was dismayed during the 2008 election when no one I spoke with who supported Obama could give any concrete evidence of why he was the man for the job. Most knew absolutely nothing about his record. Then, there were the California elections in 2010. All of the people who have bankrupted the state were voted back into office. I am not convinced that enough people know what freedom means anymore. Electing a Romney or Huntsman only means that we’re going down the same road Obama is traversing, only more slowly. So, I will support Sarah if she gets in, or Bachmann if she doesn’t – and maybe vote constitutional or write-in if a milquetoast RINO is nominated. It doesn’t matter so much. After all, I’m in California.

  3. From Ed:
    It is frightening but the truth is in the numbers……the majority of folks (welfare recips) supporting Obama will not admit they voted for him. It’s like there is some secretive movement to keep the present trend. It is polarizing the people….the have nots against the haves…the old inset retirees against the ones who feel they have not chance of living to the new retirement age.

    I hope you are wrong in this too….Everytime you see the clown on television you can sense the presence those he delivers his hope and change too….it is definitely not over. We’re outnumbered…..


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